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How to Plan the Ultimate Family Film Night

With so many activities you can do as a family, picking something right for all of you can be a challenge. However, a popular choice that can provide the entertainment you need is a family film night. Here are a few ways on how you can plan the ultimate film night for your family.

Where to Watch

Whilst it can be easy to take your family out to the cinema to watch a film, it can end up being costly when factoring in the price of a ticket, food and travel costs. It has become more popular to stay at home as a family and have a night in watching films. This gives you freedom of choice and means that you do not have to fork out on any unnecessary expenses.  A great way to watch movies (and TV series) on demand is 123Movies.

What to Watch

Deciding on the type of family film to watch can be challenging. It is important that you consider the ages of your family, the genre of the film and picking something that will keep you all entertained. Taking the time to look through films beforehand can ensure that you are well prepared for your family film night and that there are no problems that could arise. Reading reviews on websites like Rotten Tomatoes can help you pick a film that is right for you and your family.


Films and food go hand in hand to ensure you have the best family film night possible. Picking food that all the family like is essential to the overall enjoyment of the night. A way to cut down on cost would be to go to the grocery store beforehand and purchase snacks such as popcorn and sweets, ensuring you have enough treats to last you the duration of the film. Popular foods for watching films can include pizzas so looking online at Dominos coupon codes can help you sought out special promotional offers that can help save you money.

Comfort is Key

To get the most out of your family film night, it is important that you all feel comfortable when watching your movie. There are a variety of ideas and tips that you can pick from to ensure your family film night goes as smooth as possible. An idea could be to transform your living room into a cinema style, swapping furniture around or adding additional seating so you are all able to enjoy the film.

Games and Activities

There can be time before and after your film that you could utilize in a fantastic way by providing activities for you and your family. Having something else on the agenda can bring your family film night to life and provide the entertainment you need. There are many board games and puzzles that you could all participate in to help fill the gap and ensure you have a fun filled night.

Planning a family film night is easier than you think, so grab your blankets, drinks and snacks and settle down for an evening your kids are bound to enjoy.


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