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Stylish Car Seat Protectors #luliey

I have kids – that may be all you need to know about car seat protectors and how necessary they are.  They are 13 and 17 and I swear they are as messy now as they were when they were 3 and 7.  Nothing seems to have changed with age.  I naively thought it would get better but they are the youngest two of five and nope – haven’t experienced it yet.

This particular car is my Magnum.  It is built on a Charger platform with a hemi engine yet allows me to have the extra cargo space for everything I need to carry for my horses and horse shows.  But it goes fast – well it can go fast if I let it. LOL

Maggie is red with black pin striping and decor on its exterior.  I used to own a Mustang Gia II that was black with red pin striping – do you sense a theme?  My interior is gray and although I would prefer not to use this vehicle for my horsey stuff – at this moment in time it is what I need to use.  The result is the vehicle is beginning to show a bit more wear than I would like.  I still care a great deal for Maggie though and do what I can to keep her presentable.

To that end I recently purchased these Car Seat Protectors by Luliey.  Notice that they are black with red trim?  Coincidence?  I think not… These are designed specifically for a bucket seat type situation which I have in the front seats. They literally take 5 seconds to put into my car and will save me so much on the wear and tear (hopefully not tear) of my nice leather seats.

They cover every inch of the seat that I would like protected.

Of course now I need a matching steering wheel cover… The lower portion (flap) of the car seat protector has pockets for anything you need to store.  This one is the drivers’ seat so I won’t be putting anything in this one but the passenger seat extra pockets will come in quite handy.

An elastic slides right over the head rest to help keep it in place.  It would be better if the elastic was slightly shorter but I can stitch that up if it ends up bothering me.

There is a flap behind the car seat protector in the middle of the upper and lower portion – this flap tucks through the seat to help keep the seat protector in place.  It works great – the protector isn’t going anywhere.

I love this seat of seat protectors and I have tried quite a few.  In fact – we have two other vehicles that fit this same color scheme (surprised?  I think not) and I will most likely be purchasing sets for them also.

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  • Michele Pineda

    since a vehicle is such a big investment, keeping the interior looking great is important. I agree, my teen is as messy now as she was when she was 6 and she’s 16 now. I like the look of these seat protectors, and they would definitely get the job done plus they look comfy as well.

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