The Sleep Zzz Pillow – Rest is Now Restfilled

I LOVE the show Shark Tank.  I wish I had something to create where I had a reason to apply to be on the show myself but nope – I am definitely not an inventor.  But I am so amazed and intrigued by the ingenuity of the guests.  One of the inventors on Shark Tank was the ZZZ Pillow!

I would like to introduce you to the Sleep Zzz Pillow from the makers the Twin Z Pillow as Seen on ABC’s show Shark Tank! The Sleep Zzz Pillow is a kids sleep pillow (ages 3 and up) that surrounds your child with the snuggly softness and security of their very own body pillow sized perfectly for them! This pillow helps kids fall asleep faster and most importantly STAY asleep providing a more restful nights sleep for your child and you! Everyone wins!

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I know my kids have all struggled with getting comfortable at night.  In fact, just before I learned about this pillow, my daughter woke up at 2am, decided she could no longer sleep and got up and started using a glue gun.  That was the last straw for me – I needed a solution to keep her comfortable and sleeping.

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This pillow allows my daughter to sleep more peacefully through the night.  It was a struggle to keep her comfortable and sleeping all night long – now, I have to wake her up in the morning.  It is wonderful to know she is finally getting enough rest.  The pillow itself is very well made with a really nice and comfortable pillow cover – so soft.

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