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Ripple Safety – Peace of Mind

Not so long ago we had a near catastrophe in our lives – one of those days that is a parents worst nightmare.  I never want to have a day like that again.  We had a positive outcome but you see it all the time on the news – not every family is lucky enough to have a happy ending.

I will start by saying my kids have had cell phones since a pretty young age – probably younger than most, although nowadays who really knows what is too young.  They have special needs – one is a runner (runs when she panics) and one wanders (autistic).  They are getting older, but these are still very real issues.  We bought them cell phones several years ago and loaded several different tracking software products on their phones.  In some situations this is very helpful – in others though, it is barely useful because as soon as the phone dies, so does my ability to track them.  Of course, then there are the situations when they misplace their phones and we need to track the device – not the child.  Problem is by the time a child realizes their phone is missing – yup, it is probably dead.

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A while ago my daughter was at school and suffered a major panic attack.  She ran from the school – and ran and ran and ran.  Later – she estimated that she ran for at least a half hour before she stopped and realized she was in trouble.  I will tell you at the outset, she did not have her phone since school makes them keep the device in their backpack.  All my software tracking plans were out the window.  But, it turns out that even if she had her phone – it would have been minimally helpful based on the following.

On this fateful day she ran from the school and no one noticed – every other time, someone has noticed and was able to calm her down and get her back.  This time, since no one noticed she just kept running, and running and running… through the woods.  By the time she turned around, felt like she had control again – she was very lost.  Without going through all the details – by the time she was found she had been in the woods for 5 hours, in the pouring rain in 45 degree weather with only a t-shirt and stretch pants and somewhere along the way she fell into a swamp and lost her socks and boots.  She was cut up, freezing, starving, hysterical and afraid.  I should point out – she was 12.  We had state police (alot of them), dogs, friends, family, firefighters, coworkers, and more out looking for her.

My point is – if she had her phone with her it may have helped.  But kids never remember to fully charge their phones.  Additionally, she managed to lose her socks and boots in the panic – it is unlikely she would have been able to maintain control of her cell phone.  As a result, we need something else to rely on and going forward that is the Ripple Safety device.  This was by far the worst panic attack she has ever had.  Usually she just runs to a closed in space and comes out when she is ready – such as a closet, stairwell or something similar.  I don’t ever intend to go through that hell again.  Not ever.

She also rides horses and I am always afraid something will happen to her while she is out on the trails.  You know her phone is never ever charged when she wants to head out on the trails.  She never goes alone but it would not be a surprise if she gets separated from whoever she is with.

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The Ripple Safety device is attractive and perfect to wear as a necklace or on a bracelet.  It is essentially an emergency alert button with 24/7 professional monitoring – all for a minimal cost of $10 per month.  The device is approximately the size of a dime and never needs charging.  For us – it is so important that it is water resistant.  Taking it off to go swimming or ride horses in the rain is really not helpful.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to press the button once, the 24/7 team will call you immediately.  When they call you, they will have your profile and location right there with them.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation, simply press the button three times – emergency services will be sent immediately to your location and they will be able to tell them your profile information such as physical or medical information without you even having to say anything.

Setup is easy – simply activate the device, pair it with your phone and open and wear it – such as on a necklace.  The device needs to be near your phone in order to use – up to approximately 120 feet away.  Hopefully if my daughter ever ends up in this situation again she will have her phone or at least be able to alert someone as soon as she loses her phone.

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  • Marcie

    What an interesting idea! I have a 4yo and I’ve been wondering when we’ll need to get him a phone. I know so many kids in elementary school with iPhones!

  • Tina Hogan Grant

    Oh my goodness! You must have been terrified when your daughter was missing for 5 hours in the rain. So happy to hear she was found safe. The Ripple sounds like a great idea. A perfect solution to lost and dead phones.

    • Athena

      It was absolutely scary. We are pretty private people but once she was gone for 2 hours I finally put the information out to friends on facebook. That was the most effective move we made. People came in droves to help. And I had an exact photo of her from that day since I took her picture that morning for a blog post. I am very thankful we were not victims of a different outcome.

  • Mommy B

    That is one worst nightmare for us parents. So glad to hear that she’s fine now.
    This Ripple device will surely be handy at times like this. I would love to get a couple for my kids too.

  • Heather

    That is a great idea! If you can make it easy to have on you all the time, our kids will have access to help whenever they need it.

  • Evelyn F

    Oh my goodness, what a scary experience for a mom to have, not knowing where child is. Thank goodness there’s a product on the market that will help locate your child that is beyond the dependency on having a charged cell phone. Thank you for this – will look into it.

  • vickie couturier

    oh my goodness I’m glad they found her,,,i need one of these for my grandson that has autism,,he has issues with walking off,,he isn’t old enough for a cell phone he is only 7 and I think he would destroy a phone

  • EscapeWriters

    You are such a great Mom who thinks all the time about the safety of your child. Ripple safety might have decreased your stress. One great thing about it is that it has water-resistance quality so you can wear everywhere all the time. Love to your princess!!!

  • Lavanda Michelle Williams

    I imagine that you were so scared when your daughter went missing for 5 hours. My daughters(now in their teens and pre-teen) were playing hide and seek about 8 years ago and my youngest daughter(at the time was 4) hid next the guest rooms bed. My other daughters didn’t know where she was, but little did we know she fell asleep next to the bed. She was missing for a total of about an hour. If I had one of these, then she would have been found way faster. Thaks for sharing!!

  • Khushboo

    I love the fact that such an important safety device has been so elegantly designed so that kids can pass it off as a jewellery. I would love to get this for my niece.

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