When The Unexpected Happens

In each of our lives there are many events and activities we participate in and come in contact with on a daily basis.  Some of these activities are more susceptible to injuries than others.  For example – a downhill skier knows there is a significant possibility they can get hurt at some point.  The greater their skills are, the less likely – but still, it is known to be a dangerous sport.  I used to take Irish Step Dancing – for years.  That is definitely a sport that is tough on the joints but the instructor loved to ski – he eventually became so injured during his skiing that he had to close the school.  It wasn’t anyone else’s fault – but it changed his life.

Sometimes however, people are injured as a result of someone else’s irresponsibility or neglectful actions.  I have been in several car accidents – none has been my fault, thankfully – and none has caused any type of serious injury.  In fact once, I was hit literally within 2 hours of picking up a brand new car.  Yeah that was fun.  But when you work in Boston – stuff like that has a tendency to happen.  People are crazy trying to get to and from work in that mad rush hour traffic.  Another time I wasn’t injured and my car wasn’t even touched – but a tractor trailer truck and I held up traffic for hours.  Neither of us could move.  You know when you go through a toll booth and the East may be in the left hand lane and the West may be in the right?  And everyone is trying to get to the other side…?  Well this time I was fortunately in a very small car going straight to the right (I was in the correct lane) to go West and a tractor trailer truck was all the way to the right coming out of the toll booth – but needed to go all the way to the left to go East.  He swung his truck left and I ended up with the front of my car directly under the body of his trailer.  I was too tall to drive right through and no one would give us an inch of space to fix the situation.

So you can see by my situations that stuff happens and it can happen to you (though I seem to be a magnet for stuff happening).  And when it does, you may learn that you really need a personal injury lawyer tampa.  It is important to know your rights and be prepared for any future issues – a small pain now can easily become a debilitating pain later…

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