6 Unique Ways You Can Use Shop Fittings in Your Retail Store

According to a survey conducted by the marketing unit of WPP Group, around 40% of the public decide what to buy in the store. Further, more than 10% of the public change their mind about the brand of the product they are buying in the store itself due to competitor price monitoring. Therefore, visual merchandising of the shop is crucial to the success of your business. Your retail window displays are like your billboards. However, one of the biggest impediments for retailers is the effective display of their goods and merchandise. Here are 6 unique and affordable ways you can display your merchandise in your retail store.

  1. Pegboard Wall Display

Pegboard wall displays are an excellent way to showcase what your shop has to offer. Pegboards help you maximize your store space and make everything look uncluttered. Further, the products are accessible to the customers. This is crucial from a customer’s perspective as he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time looking out for the right merchandise. Moreover, pegboards make it easy to change the display of your store in a matter of hours. You can customize the look of your retail using a variety of accessories like hooks, slotted storage panels and 3D printed brackets. You can consult the experts in shop fitouts like www.dinyashopfittings.com.au. These experts can help you set a versatile display for your store.

  1. Knot and Boat Rope Displays

If you own a clothing line or a fashion retail, boat rope displays can give a unique touch to your store. Since boat ropes are inexpensive and can be hung from the ceiling, you can check your look by just standing beside the boat rope display. Thus, it eliminates the use of mannequins.

  1. Paper Backgrounds

Available in a wide range of colors and textures, paper backgrounds are quite effective in enhancing the visual appeal of your store. Designs like grunge brick, classic polka dots or wooden textured prints when used creatively as the backdrop with appropriate lighting, can attract attention to the merchandise in front of them. Since they are easy to remove and are not expensive, you can use paper backgrounds to complement any festive occasion and marketing campaign. Using good quality vinyls can give a matte and wrinkle-free finish. Lightweight fabric backdrop is another cool option.

  1. Wooden Pallets

Working on the theme of your store is a great way to enhance the visual appeal. You can create a theme centred around wooden textures and wooden pallets to place your merchandise. Since, this is unconventional and affordable, using wooden pallets can easily make you stand out from your competitors.

  1. Wires and Pipes

Vintage pipe clothing racks is a trendy way to display your merchandise. They can bring in the nostalgia and elegance of the yesteryears. The pipe racks also make it easier for the customers to browse through all the items you place on the rack. You can come up with a great variety of racks using the pipes and wires like 4-way garment rack and grid merchandiser.  You can redesign your hangers for various use. For example, you can convert the wire hangers into book display stand.

  1. Tire Displays

Planning the visual merchandising of your store using tires is an unconventional option. Displaying products at various levels of height boosts your store space and it becomes easier for customers to browse through the products. Hanging tires using ropes from the ceiling for displaying goods can help in achieving this. Moreover, tyre display gives the impression of a rustic setting.

It takes a lot of imagination and creative inspiration to come up with an amazing interior decor for your store. Don’t be afraid to use unconventional items for visual merchandising. Thrift shops are a great place to find items for the unconventional display. If you think you are not creative enough or lack time, you can seek professional help. So, it’s time you work on one of the above shop fitting ideas and stand out from the competition.




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  1. Derek Swain says:

    Thank you for explaining how you can improve your store’s visual appearance when you consider what its theme is. My wife and I are thinking about opening a clothing store that offers a variety of summer clothes for teenagers, but we’re worried that the simplistic design of our building might not attract buyers when they look through our window. We’ll find a service that can help us improve the layout of our business.

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