How to Help Your Child Choose a Career

When your child was younger it is probable that they would talk about all the different things they wanted to be when they were older, with these careers changing weekly and maybe even daily. These are sweet memories that you no doubt look back on fondly, but if your child is setting off for college in the next year or so, and still has no idea what they want to do with their life, the situation may not seem as sweet. How can you help your child discover what they want to be without risking being seen as an interfering, nagging parent? Read on to discover how best to approach the subject, and how to provide genuine guidance without alienating your child.

Don’t live vicariously through your child

By now you should have realized that your child is not you and that they have their own ideas and aspirations. If you really want to help your child find a fulfilling career you will not try to foist your own hopes and dreams onto them. Of course, they may have been influenced by your career, or your passions, but ultimately, they may decide to go in an entirely different direction. Don’t allow yourself to become upset by this, or to see their choices as a rejection of you. By allowing your child to explore their own likes and dislikes you can avoid feelings of resentment later on.

Help them explore

As a parent, part of your role is to allow your child to explore different aspects of life, including creative hobbies, sports, education, and music. This can begin at a very young age by allowing them to join assorted clubs, and to learn musical instruments. You should see your child show a preference for one or more hobby, and even talent for assorted activities. By introducing your child to many different hobbies, you are allowing them the pleasure of choice and exposing them to things that could trigger a passion for a career. You may even find that their television watching sparks an interest in a career path. With so many food and crime shows out there nowadays, you may see your child become interested in going to culinary school or becoming a criminal justice major at GMercyU.

Be patient

This can be extremely difficult for any parent, as you want them to do well and to thrive no matter what career they choose. However, if they should be applying for colleges, but are not certain about what course to do, never mind what job they want at the end of it, your patience can wear thin. You may have to accept that your child will have to take a generic course, or postpone going to college. Patience can go a long way to show your child that you are there to support them.

Research assorted careers

Go online together and check out all manner of career paths, from medical jobs found on sites like, to careers in sports as featured on No matter how ridiculous a job may seem, it can be worth researching it as you never know what inspiration may be sparked. Speak to different people in your community for a realistic insight into the jobs they do to see if they appeal to your child.

Most importantly, try not to panic. It may take a while for your child to discover what they want to do, but with your support they are certain to make the right choices for them.

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