DIY Straight Hair – The Perfect Summer Hair Style

I grew up in the days of perms – if you didn’t have a perm you stood out like a sore thumb.  I look back at some of my class photos and everyone has the huge hair.  Funny thing is my hair was pretty straight.

Then came the TV series – Friends!  The TV series single handedly brought about an entire change to fashion and hair!  No longer were perms cool – I would have hated to be a hairdresser, imagine all the lost income and tips!  Not that I think they enjoyed doing perms 8 hours a day.

Nowadays straight hair is “in”.  Straight hair is so refreshing and has the appearance of being natural and easy.  No longer do women seek to have the big poofy hair that appear to take hours to prep each day.   My hair is pretty straight but on days when my hair is not wet in the morning – I always wear straight hairstyles!

What can you do with straight hair?

Most often I wear mine simply hanging straight down or occasionally I will add a headband.  I am flexible with the style of headband – wide, narrow, fabric, plastic.

I find that straight hair is much easier to work with – it is easier to cut/trim, easier to braid, put up in a nice tight bun or even a messy bun.

Add an easy braid or even a faux braid…

And who says the adornments need to be behind our head?

Be creative as you want and have some fun with your DIY straight hairstyles!

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