Interesting Ideas for Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

A storage unit can be invaluable, not just when moving, but for many everyday uses also. You can use it to create an extra storage space that will decrease clutter in your home, or as the walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of. Those running a business in cities like London can utilize a storage unit for their client’s goods (such as for interior decorators), excess materials, or excess products.

Organizing your unit can help you to get the most value for your dollar.  So many of us have a need for storage units such as with Cambridge Self Storage – no one wants to clutter up their homes.  Storage units allow us to keep items that are important to us, but may not need on a daily basis.  You can fit a significant amount more when you properly organize it, versus if you were to just throw everything in haphazardly. Today we look at some interesting ideas for organizing your unit that, while simple, may have been overlooked.

Invest in Shelves

You can find cheap, sturdy shelves at most chain stores. To make the most of shelving, you want to choose a set which reaches about six feet short of the unit’s ceiling and is wide enough to fit the size of box you’ve chosen to pack with. This not only allows you to fit more items but keeps them where they can be easily accessed if necessary.

Utilize Furniture

If you’re storing furniture, don’t just have it take up space. Many items can be used for extra storage. For example: dressers, toyboxes, wardrobes, chests. These can all be used to pack fragile items (in bubble wrap), or clothing that has been vacuum packed to save space.

Filing Cabinet

If you’re storing documents, the perfect place to keep them is a filing cabinet. For starters, a filing cabinet will keep documents safe and dry (if you invest in a good one). It also allows you to know exactly where all your documents are stored and gives you easy access whenever you may need them.

Vacuum Packed Bags

Vacuum packed bags are an absolute lifesaver, because they save so much space in your boxes, which means you save space in your unit. These bags work by sucking all the air out of the bags and sealing it off, thus decreasing the necessary space by as much as half or more. These can be used for clothing, stuffed animals, linens, pillows, or any other fabric material.

Have an Organizational System

Having an organizational system means knowing what is inside each of your boxes WITHOUT having to open each one. The most obvious way to do this is by labeling the outside of the box with details about what is inside. But there are other options also. You could color code the boxes, with each distinct color being used for a different category. You could stack all related items together in one space. Or, get the kids involved and use fun, large stickers to categorize.

After finding storage units near you, you can use these simple but interesting methods to allow for a more organized space that not only keeps your items more accessible but allows for your items to be stored in a smaller space. The smaller your potential unit, the more potential savings.

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