6 Reasons to Visit Turkey At Least Once


Nobody really needs a reason to travel around but with so many places out there it sure is a tough task to choose one for your next holiday destination. Turkey is one of the best locations on the list that is definite to leave you mind-boggled. Situated amidst two nitre continents of Asia and Europe, this transcontinental country shares its cultures with ancient Greece, Persia, the Romans, Byzantines, and Ottoman empires. Getting to your destination is easy flying with Qatar Airlines or Turkish Airlines.  With such rich cultural heritage, the place is bound to amaze you with its rich architecture, people, and environment.  Tours of Turkey are packed with so much fun – https://madeinturkeytours.com/top-rated-tourist-attractions-istanbul/.  Here are few things that might just convince you to take your next trip to Turkey.

  1. The Food

The basic instinct of survival led the Homo-Sapiens to wander in search of food. The irony apart, who still wouldn’t love to travel just to try out new authentic food cuisines. Turkey is a lot more than just the delicious kebabs and baklava that we hear of but almost every other region has its own kitchen culture not forgetting the Turkish cuisine as a whole in any way. There is so much to try ranging from a wide variety of seafood and meze to desserts. The breakfast spreads and the Ottoman classics will leave you always wanting more.

  1. Staying in Two Continents

While in Istanbul, it is very much possible that you have breakfast in Asia while lunching in Europe. The country is located in Eurasia which makes it a special deed. Not that these imaginary boundaries created by man differentiates in the kind of experience you get but it is very fascinating to be able to defy the powers of humans over nature and enjoy its wonders.

  1. Turkish Baths

The traditional process is one of the most pleasing and relaxing experiences you will ever have. All you have to do is lie down peacefully while masseuse will wash you up lathered in foam and massage you for about twenty minutes. Like said earlier, this is a blend of the Ottoman cultures and ancient Greek, and nowhere else can you experience such an elegant public bath. It is synonymous with hammam and there are two types of it, Victorian Turkish bath and Islamic Turkish bath with the difference being in the air. In an Islamic bath, the air is often steamy while in the other it is dry.

  1. Architectural Wonders

The historical sites in Turkey are just breathtaking. The Romans, Persian, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires have all offered some great architectural structures whose remains are still looked upon as great pieces of work which is sure to change your aesthetic architectural perception. There are historic churches and mosques, with the Blue Mosque being an architectural wonder, which will leave the star stunned by the diversity in its architectural pieces. The museums are no less and offer a great deal of ambiguity to not just the visitors but to the residents as well.

  1. Natural Wonders

If you are starting to believe that turkey is all about what man has made of it, you were headed in the right direction because god loves this place too and has left no stone unturned to make it a natural wonder. There are enough options from skiing in the Uludag Mountains to hiking in the Rize province. One of the most remarkable must-visit includes the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale. With beautiful beaches and the Aegon coast and the Mediterranean are no less. You can look to settle down in such beauty and look for a house Fethiye.

  1. People

Turkey is known for its profound hospitality and spending time with Turkish people will show you a different face of life where you can admire genuine human relations. You can always be invited over to someone’s house for a quick tea and some famous Turkish desserts.

If you have already been convinced to go on your next trip, Turkey might just be one of the best options you have. You will not be disappointed with your visit in any way and with such picturesque beauty and humble people you are sure to have a pleasant stay and worth your time and money.

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