8 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Even though there are lots of reviews out there which can help you buy a mattress, you also need to know what to look for. Mattress purchase is something you do once in 10 or so years; it’s important to make a good choice as you will have to rest and recuperate your body on the same product for years and years. Arguably, it is one of the most important items you will have in your home.

That being said, here are some tips that will help you out with the purchase.

Comfort is always number one

It actually doesn’t matter who made the mattress or how much it costs. The main priority is to get a product that will fit you. Some people like a softer mattress, some people enjoy harder surface. The type of materials used can also be important. Having that in mind, buy a product that suits you. Don’t be shy; test out several mattresses by yourself before making the decision.Size does matter

Although you might’ve noticed a mattress that is perfect for your needs, make sure to measure it beforehand. It is important to buy something that will fit the frame of your bed. Like everything else regarding the purchase, you need to be meticulous and calculated.

Don’t always trust the labels

Like with all other products, you shouldn’t be so trustful when it comes to labels. Even if two companies are from the same country, they might have a completely different perception of what is “soft”. These labels can be tricky so make sure to test the bed beforehand. If your guts tell you that one mattress is better than the other, then you already have your answer.

Perception of softness

Softness (or firmness) is probably the most important aspect of a mattress. Once you get used to a certain type of backup, you usually continue buying similar mattresses. However, you need to be mindful of items that are too soft. When it comes to these products, soft doesn’t mean better or more comfortable. In fact, the soft mattress may have a negative impact on your back and spine not being able to provide enough support during sleep.

Perception of firmness

On the other hand, we have beds and mattresses that are too firm for your back. A good example is products that are using metal coils. You might be led to think that these coils provide additional support for your back but it isn’t actually so. In fact, they can lead to some nasty injuries over time. Furthermore, they are prone to sagging, allergens and they tend to be noisy. Make sure to check materials before making a purchase.  Tempur-pedic mattresses are the best for your back and you can check out this Tempur-pedic Buying Guide.

Consider modern options

Almost every product nowadays is affected by the development of technology. Same goes for mattresses. You might think that there is nothing more to them than a fluffy material but you would be wrong. There are some modern items that rely on high-tech. For example, you can purchase a product that allows you to adjust firmness with a remote. How about that!

Question of brands

We previously mentioned that you shouldn’t simply buy a brand name before checking the product. But there is something that big brands are doing right and that is customer support. Big brands are also more likely to help you out if there is any (even minor) issue with your item. Still, that doesn’t mean you should scratch smaller brands or completely disregard them.

Warranty is important

Like with all similar product that lasts for a long time, a good warranty is a must. Make sure that the warranty lasts for a long time and that you’re provided with a refund or replacement no matter what happens to your item. The long warranty also shows the quality of a product. Items that are rarely returned or rarely get damaged are likely to have a longer warranty.


There we go! With these simple tips, you’re ready to make a mattress purchase!

Make sure not to be hasty. It’s always wise to read some mattress reviews on sites like oursleepguide.com before you buy. This is a big decision and you need to make a good one. Don’t buy the first product you come across. Instead, take your time and find a perfect solution for your back.


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