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Staying Active With Flybar

In this day and age I am always in favor of anything the kids want to do for activity.  Anything to pull their attention away from the cell phone, computer, tablet, television etc…

We own four horses which affords them opportunities for so much activity but there is life beyond horses – though we spend so much time with the horses you’d think we don’t do anything else.

One of the activities my kids love is skateboarding and more appropriately stated – Longboading.  Our son is 17 and autistic and he can manage longboards quite well.  When I was younger I would skateboard on small boards – that was all we had.  But now you can get boards in all sizes.

This awesome board by Flybar is the 40.5″ Drop-Through Complete Longboard!  Okay so first of you have got to notice the colors.  They definitely grab your attention and happen to be my favorite color combination…

This board is perfect for any level rider – so our son can ride it just as successfully as our daughter.  It is a low profile axe style board which allows for a smooth and responsive ride – perfect for carving around town and cruising.

It is sturdy 8 ply Canadian Maple concave construction for a comfortable ride.

Flybar’s huge selection of skateboards includes board of all sizes for all types of skill levels.

Flybar also specializes in pogo sticks, stilts, scooters, swurfers, trickboards, toddler series and trampolines!

About Flybar (from their site)

Flybar has been around since 1918 and has since then been known has the Original Pogo Stick Company. They have been working tirelessly to bring you new and exciting products beyond just pogo sticks.

To date, Flybar has since moved beyond just being the top pogo stick company, into an all-around sporting goods company. New research and development continues to bring you fun and exciting new products. Their team is continuing to grow and they can’t wait to show you where Flybar is going.

See where you can buy Flybar products HERE

This amazing longboard gives the kids a sense of freedom while they are cruising down the street.  Not sure what is going on with my daughter’s helmet other than she is now 13 and has decided she doesn’t like pink…

The coordinating colors between longboard and child was completely coincidental.

Well, it’s official they love this longboard as much as riding their horses…  That is a huge deal in our world!

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