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5 Necessities for On-the-Go Women to Stay Healthy

Living a healthy life is 24/7. Sure, it’s not realistic to eat vegetables with each meal or get eight hours of restful sleep Monday through Sunday. But it’s the effort to make better decisions that counts—even when you’re on the go—especially when you’re on the go! Here are five ways to be more healthy out and about, whether you’re heading out with friends, traveling for work or running errands with the kiddos.

Mini Bottle of Sunscreen

A bronzed bod is sexy, but sun protection is even sexier. And with summer approaching, there will be full days spent soaking in the sun, from weekend rooftop barbecues to afternoon pool parties with the kids. Whether you’re single in the city or a mom at the park, wearing sunscreen is a necessity. Not only does it help protect against skin cancer, it helps prevent wrinkles and preserve youthfulness. Apply thoroughly before your get-together, and then keep a travel-size stick, balm, lotion or mist in your bag for touchups.

H2O in a Hydro Flask

Green drinks and Kombucha do have their health benefits, but these fancy beverages can be deceiving, adding both extra calories and sugar to your diet. Save your calories (and your money) by drinking good ole water—and in a Hydro Flask. Hydro Flasks run on the pricer side, but the investment is worth it. These vacuum-insulated, stainless steel water bottles keep water icy cold for up to 24 hours without messy condensation forming. Infuse your water with lemon and lime or oranges and grapefruit for a refreshing concoction that can go wherever you do.

Workout Apps

If you travel for work, your fitness routine can suffer. Travel takes you away from your regular gym schedule, but fitness apps can help you squeeze in a workout while away from home. Download the Jillian Michaels app for customized daily workouts and specially tailored programs; this fitness guru will become your personal trainer no matter where you work out. To cultivate physical and mental wellness, choose from Healthline’s list of “Best Yoga Apps of 2018” and start or advance your practice. Knowing that you have a hotel workout to wake up to may also motivate you to skip late-night drinks with colleagues.


Financial health is just as important as our physical and mental health. While shopping or at a happy hour, it’s easy to swipe your credit card more than you anticipated. Financial guru Dave Ramsey believes paying with green is always better. When you have a set amount of cash with you, you know that this is all you can spend. You can also allot cash to certain expenditures in envelopes at home. You’ll be more conscious of your spending as that envelope starts to empty. So head to the ATM and give yourself a limit when you head out.

Proportioned Snacks

Carrying an arsenal of snacks helps cure ravenous hunger that could drive you (literally) to a fast food restaurant. Avoid unhealthy options by keeping small nutritious snacks on hand. Individual veggies + ranch or hummus, 100-calorie packaged nuts or low-calorie protein bars are great in-between-meal foods. You may have to pay more for single packages, but these sizes help prevent you from overeating as you run errands or during your commute.

It takes time and commitment to break bad habits. You’re probably thinking, “How could I survive without my mid-day lattes?” and “Applying sunscreen and taking out cash is so inconvenient!” One way to stay on track is to follow accessible, motivational and inspirational resources. Follow worldwide health leader Amway on Twitter. Check in with @iamwellandgood on Instagram. Or even sign up for newsletters from the Turn these health brands into your support system for living a physically, mentally and financially healthy lifestyle, even when you’re on the move.


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