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40 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Resort

Planning to have a destination wedding at an exotic destination with your one true love? Hotels and resorts across the best wedding destinations offer preset as well as customizable wedding plans along with a host of exclusive offers and inclusions, which are often linked to the number of guests you’ll bring.

Planning your wedding becomes a tad bit easier when you book a well-equipped wedding venue that specializes in hosting top-notch wedding celebrations. You get to discuss every fine detail with a wedding planner assigned to you and can select from a variety of themes and activities.

Before you pay up the booking fee, here are 40 questions to ask your destination wedding hotel or resort so that you can make an informed choice.

  1. What is the best season to hold an outdoor wedding at your location?
  2. What other locations do you have?
  3. What dates are available during my preferred period at the shortlisted location?
  4. Can we stay at one location and have our wedding at another?
  5. Do prices differ for weekdays versus weekends?
  6. Will we be assigned an exclusive wedding planner? Can we bring our own wedding designer?
  7. Can we get a preview of the destination wedding?
  8. Are airport transfers included in your wedding package?
  9. Do you allow customizations to your pre designed themes and packages?
  10. Is the venue well-equipped to host a full day of wedding celebrations, from the early morning wedding ceremony to the dinner party?  Could you recommend a place for a romantic dinner in Abu Dhabi?
  11. Is the venue equipped to accommodate the number of guests we intend to invite?
  12. Is there a possibility of another wedding or personal event coinciding with our event at your venue?
  13. Is it possible to book the entire place for exclusivity?
  14. Is there provision for wedding guests to stay at the same property or will they have to travel to the venue?
  15. If the latter, will the hotel bill an additional fee for transporting the guests to and fro?
  16. Is there a salon inside the resort?
  17. Is there a minimum threshold of number of guests or rooms required for booking?
  18. What are the inclusions in each package offered?
  19. Are there any special perks for a larger party?
  20. What facilities and activities will be available to the wedding guests?
  21. Are there any special activities for young children?
  22. How much in advance should the booking be done?
  23. Is there ample parking space inside and around the venue?
  24. Do the days or week chosen by us coincide with any local cultural event or festival?
  25. Will it impact our wedding celebration in terms of traffic, availability of local vendors, transport etc.?
  26. Will there be an event manager or coordinator present on the day of the wedding and the reception?
  27. What if something goes wrong at the last minute, such as an elderly or child getting sick? What support would you offer?
  28. Can we choose our own suppliers and vendors?
  29. Do you have provision for special requests in terms of food and beverages included in the menu?
  30. What flavors of wedding cake are included in the selected plan?  Is there an additional fee for opting for a different cake?
  31. Are there any government fees to be paid by couples who get married in your city/country?
  32. How are these fees to be paid?
  33. Is a rehearsal lunch or dinner possible? Can we visit the venue when a wedding is taking place?
  34. How many attendants would be there during the cocktail and reception parties?
  35. Can we bring or suggest our own décor items or make alterations to the décor, such as add or remove candles or request a certain kind of flower arrangements?
  36. Are you prepared to accommodate special last-minute requests, such as extra bottles of wine or an impromptu brunch for all guests?
  37. What music will be played at the wedding? Can we bring our own? Can we have a live band?
  38. Is there arrangement for uninterrupted power supply during the celebrations?
  39. Does the reception venue have a dance floor? How big is it?
  40. Are there sufficient arrangements in case it rains or the weather turns for the worst?

Your wedding could turn into that great time for a family vacation where all your loved ones and friends can come together to celebrate your day of love and bonding. Choosing your dream wedding venue will be a breeze, if you ask the right questions!

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