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Do you worry about what games your kids have access to online?  I know I do!  There seem to be a great many places a child can virtually end up somewhere they shouldn’t be and playing games they should never be exposed to.  But now there is and they offer online games for kids that you don’t need to worry about.

We now live in a world of online games.  Check out for some more online gaming fun.

Games include: Action, Racing, Shooting, Sports, Strategy, Puzzle and IQ Games.  These games are not violent, cruel or bloody.  I literally just got done taking away my daughter’s electronics because I just couldn’t accept that there were not suitable games for her to play and enjoy without me having to worry all the time.

These games are designed for all ages and can be played any time and many are very well known games.  Some of the more popular games include:

  1. Bubble Shooter
  2. Mine Blocks
  3. UNO Online
  4. Connect 4
  5. Flip Master
  6. Woobies
  7. Love Tester
  8. Ludo King Online
  9. Dog Simulator
  10. Mahjong Fun

My son is most interested in the racing games while my daughter is definitely more interested in the puzzle type of games.  I do have “blocking” software on my kids technology to make sure they don’t end up someplace they shouldn’t but this is one site I don’t have to worry about and they love!

I don’t know how many total games there are but far more than I have time to count!  That volume of safe games is sure to keep the kids entertained for a very long time!


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