How to Keep Yourself Fit During Pregnancy

One major cause of problems during childbirth both for the mother and her baby is the absence or insufficient care during pregnancy. Dr. Cheung Kam-lau, one of the consultant pediatricians of Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong, primarily in the neonatal care unit, he stated that pregnant women are at a high risk when prenatal care isn’t applied. He also added that “most of these mothers expect healthy, chubby babies, but things just don’t always happen ideally.”

According to the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association, problems, challenges and health risks arise during pregnancy when there is no proper prenatal care. Health risks such as infections, leg cramps during pregnancy, abnormalities in blood pressure, complications during labor, and excessive bleeding. Although treatments are available, it stated furthermore, that highly technical interventions are not a mandatory in modern medical care.  In fact, Pregnancy Chiropractor Boca is a great place to start!

Practically, there are health measures and pre-natal preparations that are easily and readily obtainable to keep yourself fit during pregnancy while making sure that your baby is healthy as well. So here are the top recommendations to keep you fit all the time.

  1. Follow a Healthy Diet Matched with Moderate Exercise

The director of maternal-fetal medicine at Penn State Geisinger Health System, Dr. John Botti stated that working out or exercise routines do not need to be eliminated completely. However, such activity or process needs to be performed at a reasonable degree. As the condition of pregnant women is crucial, exercising should not project any harm but rather deliver benefits.

The secret lies in establishing a moderate and reasonable level of activity that highly depends on the physical health and shape you have before getting pregnant. You need to remember the activities your body was comfortable doing and health condition prior to pregnancy. Always consult your obstetrician or midwife before engaging to whatever moderate exercise you wish to undertake.

Focus on doing the exercises that will strengthen the muscles as it gives support to your uterus, thus, you will experience fewer complications, backaches, swelling of ankles, fatigue before childbirth, and optimal preparation to the challenge of giving birth.

On the other hand, eat foods that are rich with mono and saturated fats coming from olive oil and avocado fruit. Coconut oil and good quality butter will provide your system to absorb well most nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K. These nutrients are needed to keep you fit and your baby, too.

  1. Provide Sufficient Prenatal Care for Mother and Baby

UN Chronicle emphasized that when a mother is healthy, and so the baby.  Adequate care means seeing a physician, obstetrician or a midwife at least four times during pregnancy as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). World Health Organization found out that such visits are sufficient enough to enjoy results compared to those who visited their doctors as often as twelve times or even more.

  1. Being Fit Also Means Being Prepared and Coordinated

To be able to improve the condition of the mother and her unborn baby, health-care providers or obstetrician must take the following steps in coordination with the mother and her family or husband.

  • Review the mother’s medical history and examine her to determine any risk or complications.
  • Take blood and urine samples to accurately check for infections, diseases or other problems
  • If advisable and acceptable to the patient, vaccinations are recommended for such illness like influenza, tetanus and medical prescription incompatibility.
  • Consider vitamin supplements like folic acid depending on the result of the tests and examination.
  • Early identification of risk associated with your pregnancy will give you the time to make early precautions in terms of diet and exercise.
  1. Continuous Preparation While Keeping Fit
  • Choose your hospital in advance, doctor, or midwife wisely by doing thorough research.
  • Make regular visits to your health-care provider to establish trust and friendship.
  • While giving attention to a healthy diet and moderate exercise, take appropriate vitamins and other supplements prescribed by your doctor only. Avoid alcoholic drinks.
  • There may be signs of premature labor when you experience throbbing or excruciating pains before the 37th week of pregnancy. When this happens, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Always prepare all documents pertaining to your health decisions and conditions that may be useful during emergencies.
  • Being fit during pregnancy does not stop once you gave birth. Always be mindful of your health and that of your baby’s even after giving birth, especially if the baby came prematurely or you experienced complications.


Keeping yourself fit during pregnancy is an overall responsibility and a challenge that can be achieved with the guidance from your trusted doctor or midwife. It may be a new chapter for a mother-to-be or another chapter for another baby coming, being fit and prepared always has its rewards. Kudos for being health conscious and good health to your coming baby!


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    Thanks for the tips, I wrote down a few for myself. I am just planning a pregnancy with my husband and now we are thinking about preimplantation genetic diagnosis, which we found here. This can help us identify if we have any genetic problems that could interfere with us.

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