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Give Your Feet A Rest With This Memory Foam Cushion

Do you work at a desk?  Do your legs get sore and uncomfortable when you sit for long periods of time? Well then I know what you need – I suffered too and for far too long.

This foot rest is memory foam and angled allowing for the best ergonomic comfort for feet, legs and back.  It provides so much comfort for me as I sit for hours at a time.  It looks like it would slide around but it definitely doesn’t – it is on carpeting and stays put just fine.

There is a zippered cover on this foot rest – washable and easy to clean.  It can also be used for some seated exercises or even to prop your knees up while in bed!  Sometimes I flip it upside so I can rock my feet back and forth on it just to keep the circulation moving while I am seated.


This is quite firm and provides a great deal of support and it is available on Amazon.

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