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Spectra Orthopedic Double-Sided Independent Pocket Coils Mattress

The queen size bed we have has such an old mattress.  It has no spring left in it and is extremely uncomfortable to sleep on .  Have you ever had a mattress that was uncomfortable?  You just never ever feel like you get enough sleep – you walk through life zombie like all because you just can’t ever really get quality sleep time.

That all changes now thanks to our new Spectra Orthopedic Double-Sided Independent Pocket Coils Mattress! This mattress is amazing.  At the moment this is our 24 year old daughter’s bed and we look forward to having 20 years of comfort with this mattress!


Okay so this is my 13 year old daughter and 24 year old daughter.  My husband was away at the time so we decided we could get this mattress up to the third floor by ourselves – how hard could it be right?  Well it should have been a clue when the delivery truck person had to get a dolly to bring it to the door and even then she really struggled.  It arrived in a really huge box – there was no way we were going to be able to get it three floors up inside that box – the box had to go!  You see the girls collapsed and at that point we were still only on the 2nd floor.  We had one more floor to go.  Although it truly weighs about 100 pounds, it felt like 300 pounds!

We put it right on top of that hideous, uncomfortable old mattress.  Mostly because we wanted the bed to be tall but also because I really have no place to put or get rid of the old mattress at this time so it can stay there until we make a run to the dump.  At the moment we like the height though!  As you can see it arrives all rolled up nice and tight.  It is totally vacuum sealed (like those space saving suction bags to put your clothes in storage) making it appear so much smaller than it is – keep in mind just how heavy it is!

It is easiest to open this mattress with it already on the bed.  If you open it somewhere else, it becomes so much larger – it will be much more cumbersome to move.  There is an outer plastic that it is all rolled up into and sealed.  First, you cut the outer plastic and unroll it.  Then you have a whole second layer of plastic – as soon as you cut open this layer, the air rushes in and the vacuum seal gives way – the really thin (maybe 1 inch thin) mattress explodes to 13.5 inches thick!

There are 1803 independently wrapped pocket coils!  This Spectra orthopedic mattress combines quality materials and pocketed coils that are engineered to ensure that your shoulders, back, and hips are properly aligned.  This mattress offers both cushioning and support.  Body impressions are normal, even with the best mattresses! In fact, it’s a good sign because it shows the mattress is conforming to your body shape. If you want to remove body impressions, you can flip this double-sided mattress over to the flat side. The impressions on the first side will work itself out as the material settles evenly. Plus the two-sided construction prolongs the life of the mattress.  This mattress is designed to flip up, over, left, right… any direction you’d like to keep it fresh throughout the years.

When you can’t wait to put the fitted sheet on to test it out…  It was that exhausting trying to get it up three flights of stairs…

This Spectra orthopedic mattress is designed using advanced sleep technologies and high-quality materials to offer both firmness and comfort. Good news for those with neck, back, and joint issues! This mattress keeps your spine nicely aligned throughout the night. The tighter coils make it compress less and produce a firmer feel.

Ours is a queen size mattress but it is available in twin, full, queen and king.  The best part is it gets shipped directly to your door – I didn’t have to drive around town to pick it up and worry how I was going to get it in the car; then out of the car; then up the first set of exterior stairs… I came home and it was sitting on my porch.

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