Relivatrol Pain Cream

I have had so many surgeries on my legs – specifically my knees and lately with all the humidity outside my knees have been so sore.  I don’t have to worry too much though because relief is readily available with Relivatrol Pain Cream!

This amazing pain cream is formulated by physicians and has a transdermal delivery mechanism!  Totally important – I needed to be able to apply it and expect it to get right to the core of the pain inside my knee, and it does!  It goes right through my skin into my bloodstream in minutes – provide quick and effective relief.

It is powered by stem cells with pharma grade ingredients.  The pain relief is very quick so I can keep doing all that I need to do – work, play, take care of the horses, camp, hike etc… Activated Botanicals  working alongside plant stem cells produce revolutionary long-lasting pain and inflammation relief.

The cream includes the following ingredients:

Arnica Montana

One of the most popular homeopathic medicines throughout the world used by professional athletes to soothe sore muscles, as well as mainstream surgeons to relieve post-procedure pain. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates circulation, helping the body’s own healing system to react – which reduces swelling and relieves pain.  I have used Arnica Montana to assist with healing after surgeries so I know it is effective!

Aloe Vera

Has compounds which help reduce inflammation. It also contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols as well as many vitamins and minerals that are essential in repairing damaged cells and tissue.   It helps reduce the pain that is caused by inflammation and those suffering from arthritis. Plant hormones in aloe vera call auxins and gibberellins accelerate healing by stimulating cell replication. It is cool and soothing!

Melaleuca Oil

Melaleuca also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Research has shown that Melaleuca oil helps reduce inflammation  and triggers the activity of white blood cells that are instrumental in the healing process!  I always have Melaleuca Oil on hand in our house – it is essential for any essential oil first aid kit!

Additional ingredients include Phytobiotics Acai, Lavender Oil and Resveratrol as well as pharmaceutical active ingredients such as:  Lidocaine, Capsaicin, Menthol and Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil)!  

This pain relief cream packs a big punch against pain!

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