The nodpod Weighted Eye Mask – Such Relief and Comfort

I suffer from allergies, dry eyes and a serious lack of sleep.  When I do sleep, I really want it to be restful sleep so at least it is high quality.  My search has led me to the nodpod™ Weighted Eye Mask!  This mask is unlike any other…

I also have two special needs teens at home who benefit greatly from weighted therapies such as weighted blankets, vests and stuffed animals. This eye mask would also make a great gift for anyone headed off to college, allowing the new student to still get a good night’s sleep even in a busy dorm situation.

This weighted eye mask looks simple enough but it is so ingenious and completely effective.  The nodpod™ provides awesome Weighted Sleep Therapy and has such a unique shape.  Filled with microbeads to allow for the weight, it is designed to allowing me to sleep comfortably in any position.  Even when I wear the mask standing up it provides comfort and relief!

I love how it works just like a weighted blanket for my face!  When my eyes have had more than enough strain for the day or my allergies have my eyes red and sore – I simply put on my nodpod weighted eye mask and the relief is immediate.

This mask completely blocks any light – nothing sneaks through.  There is also no scent – nothing to bother my allergies any further.

You don’t need to miss out on sleep or good quality sleep anymore – check out the nodpod Weighted Eye Mask and you will be so much happier!

Available for $25 and in four different colors from nodpod!

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