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Water Flosser Vs String Floss; Which Is Most Effective Method

Water flosser comes with all the amenities to deep clean your teeth. Is also usually comes with debate on replacing the string floss. Before we go on water flosser vs string floss, it should be informed that doctors would recommend the water flosser system as addition to floss, not as a replacement. However, it seems that the debates aren’t easily ended due to the massive marketing campaign and some biased information about both items. Let’s have a look on the debates on water flosser vs string floss based on the ease of use, price, power source, and the ability to get the big picture.

Ease of use: Water floss seems to be a complicated console, but you can easily find various cordless water flosser products which are convenient and easy to use. Of course, water flosser might not work without electrical sources (adaptors or batteries) while you can easily use the string floss. For mobile usage, it’s suggested to invest in string floss and/or water flosser because it’s totally portable and some models are powered with the batteries.

Price: String floss is indeed more affordable than water flossers. However, due to the growing demand and competitive market, you can easily find water flosser products under $100. The water floss machine would stand for a long time but you’ll have to replace the tips for every three to six months of usage.

It also should be noted that the price is a relative debate since both string floss and water flosser come in various brands and of course quality. Both have diverse prices for their products. For example, $30 water flosser unit might not give the same quality as the $300 product; the same thing goes for string floss.

Power Source: The power source of string floss is solely your muscle while the water flosser depends on electric power sources. Water flossers device need an access to an electrical power in your bathroom. However, there are various water floss devices with several power options including full adapter powered, rechargeable with adapter, or fully portable which compatible with on size of the battery. Each device also has plus and minus; choose the one that suits your needs.

Ability and Quality: The debates on the ability water flosser and string floss somehow need a detailed technical explanation. However, the debates would come to no end when people are still seeing water flossers as the replacement or alternatives to string floss. The key to this debate is to understand the specific ability of each device. String floss is the main solution for flossing while in other hands, some people can’t use it.

Both water flosser and string floss aren’t replacing each other; they do have their own role. For instance, string flossing can get rid most the bigger particles, while water flossing can deal with the smaller debris and bacteria in the unreachable spots. Water flosser also rinses the debris by streaming the pressured water.

Furthermore, water flosser can be the solution for patients with braces and those who hardly gain the benefits from the string loss. These include those patients who suffer from diabetes, sensitive teeth, and dexterity issues.




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  • Pamela Marks

    As a water floss user I have to tell you I use mine from a Dentist suggesting it due to my teeth being so close together that regular floss gets stuck. We have literally had to cut floss out of my mouth. I find that the water flosser gets out the large pieces as well as the smaller particles, which has helped the dentist hygienist spend less time at cleanings.

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