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I am old enough that I was able to thoroughly enjoy the wedding and all the hooplah around Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding.  That event captivated the attention of the world.  It was unlike any event I had ever seen.

Then the wedding of Prince William and Kate – yet another great ceremony with such poise and character.  Diana would be so proud of her sons for sure.  And I know she would have been completely devoted to her daughter in law and grandchildren.

All of a sudden it seemed like Prince Harry was in the spotlight and he brought gorgeous Meghan with him.  These boys have definitely taken the world by storm and brought along women who will help to bring the monarchy into the 21st Century.  We all fell in love immediately with Harry and Meghan and right now we can even keep this memory alive with the Harry and Meghan Wedding Album!

The Wedding Album arrives completely wrapped with this seal.  It is like receiving a gift in the mail!  Everyone loves to unwrap a gift right?

Linly Designs is the only U.S. Interior Design Firm to be featured in this wedding album.  What an honor for sure.

This wedding album is 300 pages of the best photography from their early years, their engagement and their special day.

The publication has been written exclusively by royal correspondent Robert Jobson and charts the story behind Harry and Meghan’s blossoming romance. It will also feature images by royal photography specialist Nunn Syndication throughout, including many pictures from the wedding day itself.

Available now for purchase from Linly Designs.

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