High Quality Rain Boots

Check out these awesome rain boots!  Well these are some of the best kids boots I have seen.  For us, it isn’t just about rain though – we own four horses so it is also about the need for boots at the barn.  Sometimes the mud in the fields with the horses is so deep.  If you try walking in it (and I have) with shoes or sneakers on, your foot literally gets sucked into the ground and though you keep walking, your shoe doesn’t.  I can’t tell you how many times I have kept walking and lo and behold I am now standing in muck or mud in my stocking feet.  Not a good feeling at all because THEN you have to walk in your stocking feet back to your shoe which is now buried in mud and muck so you have the fun of digging it out with your bare hands while still standing in your stocking feet.  I kid you not!

Well the last thing the kids want is for that to happen.  These boots will stay on!  Not only will they stay on but they are easy to get on due to their large size handles.  Even a two year old can boost these things up easily.

I love the two tone coloring – it provides a fashionable contrast and they are easy to see. These are available in quite a few designs and colors.  And according to my grandson – they are so comfortable!

These awesome boots are available on Amazon.

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