WIEZ Bluetooth Headphones for Perfect Mobility

There was a time when I really still preferred wired headphones.  Why?  Mostly because we have so many devices to charge already, who will remember to charge headphones.  In the last couple years though technology has brought us power strips for these types of devices and everyone in the family just adds their device to a slot at the end of the day and we all get charged.  We don’t need 25 outlets in the house.

Now I love bluetooth headphones and these are perfect.  They are very comfortable and stay securely on my ears.  I feel so much more free without that cord tethered to my phone.  This is especially important when I am riding my horse – the last thing I need is to get tangled up in a cord.

The sound is amazing.  Nice clear and crisp while also being plenty loud and capturing pitches correctly.  I don’t feel like I lose anything while using these.

These WIEZ Headphones are even better because they are waterproof!  I can use them hanging out at the pool; in the rain while caring for my horses and pretty much anywhere else without regard for damp situations!

With the comfortable ergonomic ear piece I can easily wear these for long periods of time and they also remain in place throughout any activity.  I absolutely love these.

Where can you also get a pair?  Through Amazon!!!!

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