Digital Internet Marketing Course On Amazon Affiliate Network Business Reviews

Digital Internet Marketing Course On Amazon Affiliate Network Business Reviews

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Amazon Associates is one of the primary arrangements of affiliate promoting programs that was first released in 1996. It has a reputation of 12 years for making a profit on Amazon, just like Web Owners, Merchants, and Designers have made fortunes in Amazon Affiliate.

People are disappointed with low CPC and low earnings from Ad Networks. So they are moving more towards Affiliate Networks. Amazon Affiliate Network is one of the most trusted and best-paying Affiliate Networks to start with. If you want to take some Digital internet marketing courses on Amazon affiliates, you must keep certain things in mind. We at Journal Review discuss a lot more about Amazon Affiliates Courses. Here is a small brief guide to give an idea about how it should be done.

#1 Learn a Little about HTML

No doubt, you can create a site easily using WordPress. Still, to reduce your cost of maintenance, you should learn HTML. I am not talking about going in-depth, how to insert images, hyperlinks, and formatting texts.

#2 Choose Your Niche

When launching an Amazon Affiliate Website, you need a lot of knowledge about a particular niche you are about to cover. At least you must be passionate about it and can do well in deep research before writing an article for your audience. Try to judge wisely on which topic you can work without any issues.

#3 Perfect Domain Name

Domain name matters a lot. While you are choosing a topic, the domain must be something related to it. It doesn’t mean that stuff is a keyword, but it must be catchy. Also, it would help if you kept in mind how people will find you, so choosing a similar keyword is essential.

#4 Web hosting

This is a place where you need to pay 100% attention. This is a part where people often make mistakes and spend more money. While looking for a web hosting provider, you will find many online providers. Some will offer $10/per month, and some will be over only $20/per year. Here is a tricky part, $10/year doesn’t mean it’s worth it. You don’t need one with such a price tag. You better go for a cheap one, with $2/Month, with 100GB minimum Bandwidth, and at least 1 GB of SSD/HDD.

#5 Installing CMS

After you set your domain name and web hosting, the next thing is CMS. If you think creating a website is expensive, you are being lied to. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on building a website. It is free of cost online, like WordPress, Drupal, or They are easy to use, customizable, and scalable. WordPress is an Open-Source CMS with a Large Community of Developers worldwide. You can use any free theme to make your WordPress Site look attractive. Some paid but cheap themes are available, too, to make your site more functional.

#6 Make it Look Attractive

Now, as you have your niche, your domain with hosting. We will now make it look good. If you use WordPress, you have a wide range of choices when we talk about themes. If you are using a Custom CMS, it has its own advantages, but it’s pricy. In WordPress or Other CMS, you will be able to get free themes and paid themes. You must ensure certain factors while choosing a theme, as it must be simple, have a good color scheme, and be fast.


I hope you got an idea about how to start an Amazon site. We will discuss more Marketing your sites and Profitable Niches for the site on Journal Review. Let us know what you think about these tips. Let us know in the comment.

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  1. Polly says:

    Unlike referral marketing, affiliate marketing involves partnerships NOT only with regular customers. To become a partner, a person does not need to buy the company’s products himself. Here you can learn more about high ticket affiliate marketing niches. This type of partnership creates more trust among the audience.

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