The Spider On My Window

Two days ago I was driving down the road with my kids and there was a spider on my window.  It was so strange because I couldn’t tell if the spider was on the inside of my driver’s side window or the outside.  In my infinite wisdom (hence the name Athena) I started to roll down my window and realized the spider was on the inside.  My plan was to roll down the window and he would climb or fall outside – because of course that’s where he must want to be right?!

WRONG!  Instead he dove down into the door panel to hide away.  As soon as he did it I told the kids – well that is totally gonna come back to haunt me.

Lo and behold… Yesterday I was driving home from work and as I am driving I see movement out of the corner of my eye… The same corner where the spider was the day before.  Naturally I whip my head around as the spider is climbing towards my hair.  I let out a gasp and a scream AND THEN I hear the disruptive driving sounds of the sleeper bar on the highway as I completely crossed it and was headed straight for the highway divider.  OMG that all happened in a flash.

The good news is I was able to correct it.  But I could see my obituary before my eyes – and all the people who speculate about how people died.  The headlines read – oh perhaps she finally started drinking?  Well, she must have been on something? Was she texting and driving?

People tend to think of the worst – when the headline should READ – “She Nearly Died Of A Heart Attack From  A Spider – But Instead Died In A Car Crash!”  Not at all funny but totally the truth.  How many people crash or die from bugs?  What about the angry bee wreaking havoc on a car full of passengers?  Or that damn spider who has decided to make my car his home?

This may not be my last spider story because of course I have no idea where he ran to when I nearly crashed.  I am sure he will show up again!

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