360 Round EMF Protection Tesla Technology

Did you know that you should have protection from your cell phones, WIFI, laptops etc?  All of these devices create electromagnetic fields which is when photons travel in wave like patterns at the speed of light.  These waves can be dangerous because they interfere with the normal bioelectrical signals of the human body.  This can impact sleep cycles, stress levels and even our immune system.

This little EMF Protection device can counteract the harmful effects of EMF and EMR generated by all these electronics we all have in our lives on a daily basis.  For me this offers greater peace of mind, particularly for my teens who seem to be on electronics at all times.

This product is based on Tesla technology that took 15 years to develop and over 1.5 million dollars.  It is slim, barely even noticeable and easy to use.  All you do is stick it to the back of whatever device you are seeking protection from.  In our world that means cell phones first and foremost.  It is made of 16 semi-precious elements blended together perfectly with rare metals and special oxides for the greatest health benefit.

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