Top Ways To Reduce Online Cart Abandonment On Your Shopify Store

The ghost of online cart abandonment in e-commerce haunts online store owners across the industry. There are statistics that suggest that on an average about 68% of carts are abandoned by potential customers. Indeed, the rate of cart abandonment is high. But, there is also a chance to convert these abandoned carts to paying carts. It’s an opportunity going down the drain for pessimists, but an opportunity to gain additional revenue for the most optimistic store owners. You may not be able to do away with cart abandonment completely. Yet, it is possible to reduce online cart abandonment in Shopify stores by integrating it with several useful plugins. Let us go through measures to reduce online cart abandonment.

Enhance Trust In Your Store

Potential customers need to repose faith on your online store, more so when they are sharing their credit or debit card information on your website. Survey statistics suggest that about 17% of consumers are concerned about security of their confidential financial data. You need to address this concern. To do that you need to showcase the icons of integrity of online transactions on your online store.  There are indeed some icons of financial integrity in online transactions, including icons like “VeriSign secured”, “Norton Secured”, “VERIFIED by VISA”, and “MasterCard SecureCode”. If these symbols are present on your online store, the customer derives an assurance that his transactions are secured. However, to achieve these standards you need to have a updated SSL certificate. An SSL certificate ensures that financial data from consumers are encrypted from end-to-end and can be read only by the intended server. You also need to have an HTTPS connection, since it is more secure than HTTP.

Moderate The Price Shocks 

There are statistics which show that about 56% of abandoned carts are the result of price shocks. Consumers willing to purchase items accumulate products in the shopping cart. While doing so the notion – online means cheap – plays in their mind. But when they come across the price beside the cart, they get a shock. Their hopes of purchasing at lower prices lie shattered and they readily abandon their cart! Now, how do you address this problem? You need to investigate the cause first. The cause, in most cases, is the unexpected shipping cost. So, you need to keep the shipping cost under control. The cost should also be transparently projected during the product selection stage itself.

Using Cart Abandonment Messages Makes Sense

There are apps in Shopify which send automated email messages to customers who abandon carts. There are a number of such apps in Shopify. Among them there are some which also have integrated a Facebook messaging system in the cart. If you use such an app, you can send a message to the Facebook message system of the user. There are still some other apps which can even elicit email IDs from anonymous users by popping up relevant windows during product selection. What’s more, most of these apps are free with Shopify. You need to make integrate these apps with your online cart to reduce cart abandonment.

Personalize Your Outreach To Potential Customers

Auto-generated emails and messages do their job mechanically in any online cart, but it will serve you well to imbibe a personalized touch in your approach. As soon as you get a notification for cart abandonment, you can reach out to the customer over phone. You can ask them about any help that you can extend to them to help complete the buy. If there are issues like a coupon code not working or a card not being accepted, you can try to solve these problems. One issue with this is that it may seem too intrusive.

Provide For Guest Checkout Option

Customers need adapt themselves to your online cart. If you force them to register and set up an account before proceeding to buy, you may lose hordes of potential customers. It’s a good idea to have a guest checkout option. In any case, the customer has to provide all the information to enable product shipping. During checkout, you can extend the option of saving these details for future orders.

Launch Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you are not able to recover carts through messages or calls, you can try Facebook ad campaigns. There are apps in Shopify that can capture visitor behavior during their navigation in your store. You can install such apps in your online cart. These apps attach a cookie to the visitor’s computer and store their navigational data in your store. You can analyze the data so stored and customize Facebook ad campaigns for each user.

Make Navigation Simple

Complexity in navigation inside your online cart can be a big put off for customers. Try to make it simple so that customers don’t feel like leaving the site without making a purchase.

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