Baby Goodies Blue Ear Protection

We now have our grandchildren living with us.  That means everything needs to be childproofed.  But that doesn’t always mean just the house.  We have to childproof the car, our yard and even our experiences.

As a family we go to concerts, auto races, motorcycle events and more – all of those things are very very loud.   Have you ever been to Monster Trucks?  Well every kid loves Monster Trucks but the sound is far too unsafe for childrens’ ears!  We are not willing to avoid these places and events though because all we need to do is childproof them!

These Baby Goodies Baby Earmuffs are just what we need for these events.  They have the #1 noise rating available on the market.  They have extremely comfortable padding so there is no pressure and they are very comfortable.

They are size adjustable and comfortable for a child to wear for long periods of time.

You can find these on Amazon and you won’t have to worry about the little ears.

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