Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

The days run into one another… They seem never ending.  Wake up early to get kids ready for school and get myself ready for work.  Try to squeeze emergency blogging in for 15 – 30 minutes if possible.  Quality time with our dog before we head out to take on our day.  I call it – the Xena Minute – though it is most often longer than a minute.  Snuggle time to let her know how much we love her.

Then we all leave for our day.  After work and school I head to the barn with my kids and grandson to take care of our horses and if we are really lucky the weather will be good enough for us to even enjoy them for a little while once all the chores are done.  We get home about 7pm and start preparing for supper, homework, mail call, checking in on meme, more Xena time – then start the next chapter of my day with blogging.

There isn’t a great deal of time for me to pamper myself in that schedule but I try.  These Comfortable Memory Foam Slippers are so incredibly perfect – they are like walking on a cloud.  They are very stylish  – so much so that everyone in the house wants my slippers (not happening).  The color contrast is attractive and the slippers are breathable.

The sole is a thick all natural non-slip rubber.  Perfect for a quick jaunt to let the dog out or stepping into after a nice warm shower.

All I do is slip my foot into the open heel section of my slipper and I am good to go!

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