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MyAudioPet – The Coolest and Cutest Bluetooth Speaker

I am always searching for the “best” speaker – not only for me but also for my kids.  Here are the things we look for:

  • Bluetooth
  • Portability
  • Size
  • Quality of Sound
  • Appearance
  • Ease of use

Look at this cute little GoGoBananas bluetooth speaker from MyAudioPets.  This speaker has met all of our criteria.  First – of course it is bluetooth.  We travel a great deal and also spend alot of time at the barn where we board our horses.  A speaker that is not bluetooth just won’t do. Additionally, this is extremely portable.  You can’t tell from within the box but this speaker is so small – check it out in my hand.

Now see that little hole in his ear?  No that is not for an earring – it allows us to wear it on a lanyard around our neck.  Can I just tell you how cool that is when we are at the barn?  TOTALLY AWESOME sauce!  Sure I can have a speaker by the stalls as I clean them.  But as soon as I walk away from the stall to go empty my wheelbarrel – I am away from the speaker and have to re-pair it when I return.  Not with this one – the speaker travels with me.  This is perfect for listening to audio books – I don’t miss a thing!

The on/off button is on the bottom.  The quality of the sound is amazing.  Far more than you would ever expect from such a small speaker.  I can still really get into my audio book or music without a problem at all.  When I am in the shower, it is plenty loud enough to be heard over the spray of water.

The charging port is in the back – your typical micro USB cable so you don’t need to buy any special cables if you lose the one it comes with.  And of course – did I mention just how cute these speakers are?  No boring square or rectangle here…

Now it is important that it is easy to use.  These speakers are for my kids (ssshhh don’t tell them).  Of course I am mega jealous and want one now for myself so I am adding that to my wishlist… One of my children is autistic and has developmental delays.  If I don’t have something that is easy to use, I will be bombarded with questions every single day.  I would much rather he feel empowered to do it himself and now he can!

We also have PANDAmonium!  Get it?!  So incredibly cute.  There are so many different animals – which would you choose? So far they don’t have a horse in their collection (Hint Hint) but they do have a UNIChord (Unicorn)…

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