The Healbe GoBe2 Smart Life Band

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  1. Jason Murphy says:

    I absolutely LOVE the product! It does exactly as it says it does and it potentially even more impactful. However, as you comment in your review the band is a real problem. It needs to be tight to get a proper consistent read… which I found fine and in no way uncomfortable. That being said “that tight wrist requirement” means it easily comes free from its single pin band attachment. It fell off 4-5 times during my first 60 days of use. The last time as I was boarding my vehicle. The back tire of my car hit it as I left my parking spot leaving a hot yoga class.

    I address this with them and they offered me a 10% off coupon. It is important that products in their infancy be considerate of the design changes they require to become mainstream. My new AppleWatch has been on my left hand the exact same amount of time (with the same tightness) and never fell off once.

    I only as that they return my damaged product and replace it with another.

    My wellness is lacking the dimension of knowledge that I found critical from the HEALBE. I can’t advocate for its abilities any more than I am. I implore that their leadership address my concerns in future designs & replace my current product in the meantime.

    615-945-3407 (leave an SMS, email or voicemail)

    Jp Murphy
    407 Maxwell Av
    Evansville IN 47711

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