Welcome To Our Windmill Farm By SharingLand

We have four generations in one house so space is limited.  That doesn’t stop every child (and dog) from wanting a playhouse.  Sharingland has just the solution with this Windmill Farm!

Sharingland has several different designs of these “foldup”, easy to setup buildings.  We have the Windmill Farm but they also have an Ancestral Teepee, Grand Palace, Space Odyssey, and the Epic Castle.  The playhouses are actually referred to as popup playhouses.  They are designed so they are free standing and sturdy but so space saving that when taken down I can easily slide it under the bed, couch or even tuck it behind a dresser.

As you can see it is quite roomy inside.  This is my 13 year old daughter and our Newfoundland.  If you don’t know how big a Newfoundland is – HUGE!  In addition to them my 5 year old grandson can still fit just fine…

They are 45 inches tall and 45 inches wide!  That is almost 4 feet across and tall!  Each of the five playhouses boasts 90% recycled and 100% recyclable materials that comply with the all-important CPSC safety requirements. Parents appreciate the easy-to-assemble and easy-to-store kits for sure.

The Windmill Farm has the rooster wind compass atop the playhouse who let’s everyone know which way the wind is blowing today! Kids can even play Old McDonald with a straw hat, denim overalls and an oink oink here (3 little piggies) and a cock-a-doodle-doo there (1 rooster).

You can see their products HERE and they are designed for preschool (age 3) and up!

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7 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Windmill Farm By SharingLand

  1. Sara Welch says:

    I love that fact that you can take it down and hide it away. It’s always fun to have playhouses and forts, but is is also nice to be able to clear them away and regain space, especially with that many people.

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