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What Your Pimples Are Trying To Tell You

Your body might be trying to tell you something if you find that your pimples show up more or less in the same spots every month. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, there are points on the body and face that are connected to various organs. If you are constantly getting pimples on your cheeks, for example, there might be some problems with your intestinal functioning, hormonal glands and liver. Instead of trying to treat the acne, the root cause can be addressed by using supplements (go to Analyze That for more info), remedies or making a few lifestyle changes.

The Forehead

There might be some issues with your digestive system if you are constantly getting spots on your forehead. It might be that you are eating too much fast food containing lots of sugar and fats. It might also mean that your metabolism isn’t functioning as good as it should.

What to do: Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and to cut out as much junk food from your diet as possible. By drinking a lot of green tea and exercising regularly, you can improve your metabolism. You can use digestive enzymes, such as papaya or bromelain or drink some lemon water in the morning in order to flush your digestive system. Bitter herbs can also improve digestion. You can also try to drink more water in order to cleanse your system from any toxic products and to reduce stress by using relaxation methods. is a valuable resource full of remedies.

The Sides Of Your Eyes

If you tend to get pimples on the sides of your eyes, you might have some kidney imbalances.

What to do: Drink plenty of water and try to eat more cooling foods, such as cucumbers and melons. Also try to cut out processed foods, fats and cheeses and include daily moderate exercise.

Between The Eyebrows

Pimples between the eyebrows could mean that you have a possible food allergy or are lactose intolerant. This might also mean that your alcohol intake is too much or that you tend to snack late at night. Threading or waxing of hair could also lead to spots in this area. It is also possible that your diet and lifestyle might be taxing your liver.

What to do: Cut out alcohol completely and try to keep a food diary to see whether you can find out whether there are specific foods that cause acne.

The Nose And Above The Lips

Acne on the nose could indicate hypertension, while pimples above the lips could mean that you are not using proper lip balms and lipsticks. It can also indicate that there are some imbalances in the lungs, spleen and heart.

What to do: Spots on the nose mean that you might be eating too much oily or spicy food. Make use of a gentle face wash and exfoliate weekly to make sure that blackheads don’t turn into pimples. Also, make sure to eat more fiber, cut out salt and get daily fresh air.


Pimples on the cheeks are very common, especially for adult women. These might show up because of problems with the stomach, spleen, heart, lungs or because of hormonal imbalances. Acne on the lower parts of the cheeks might also indicate that you have dental issues, such as poor dental health or gingivitis.

What to do: Make sure to change your pillowcases as often as possible and do some exercise in order to strengthen the lungs. Foods that you can include in your diet, which will support healthy lungs are pumpkin, sprouts and kale. Avoid using any makeup if possible or change your makeup products and brushes. You can also use stress control methods in order to relieve PMS and try to improve the quality of the air in your home by placing some plants inside your house.  

Jaw And Chin

Pimples on the jaw or chin indicate hormonal imbalances or stress. It may also mean that you have poor sleeping habits, are consuming too much caffeine or are struggling with nervousness.

What to do: Stress can be managed by using relaxation techniques. More omega 3 fatty acids should be taken and herbal teas such as green tea and spearmint could also help. Consider eating foods which will help to regulate the normal hormonal cycles and make sure to not rest your chin in your hands when tired or bored.

The Neck

Pimples in the neck might mean that your body is fighting bacterial infections and trying to avoid illness.

What to do: Give your body time to recover and heal, drink a lot of water and try to relax your body by breathing deeply. Regulating your sleep cycles and ensuring that you get enough hours of sleep a day can help strengthen your immune system and give your body the time it needs to recover.

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