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I am so thankful to be alive in this day and age.  Medicine years ago left quite a bit to be desired.  My grandfather passed away when my father was a young boy from liver disease.  I don’t know that he would have passed away if he was diagnosed today.  Even when I think about cancer – yes, people still can die of cancer but now the diagnosis of cancer does not necessarily mean a death sentence.

Not only has medication made huge advancements – and I am so thankful for that since I have asthma.  When I was a child my asthma control medications were barely effective but by the time I was in high school – voila, I was able to be so much more functional with prescription assistance.

Now, medicine is no different than so many other fields.  Much of what we do is data driven and involves a great deal of data analysis.  Healthcare analytics can teach the professionals so much and we are the cusp of experiencing tremendous medical field growth through the help of project management tools and performance enhancement opportunities.  Can you imagine data helping to predict which persons have a high probability of being readmitted?  That would be so amazing – then the task would be to determine why are they likely to be readmitted.  How can we prevent it or manage it better?  So many great possibilities.

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