5 Tips To Reduce Anxiety

Have you ever suffered from anxiety?  When I was younger I seemed to get bad bouts of it but as I have gotten older, I have learned so many great ways to keep it under control.   I never really get to the point anymore where it can consume me.  To get here I have had to experiment and research and find what works best for me and today I will share my tips with you.


It used to be that sleep was the first thing I gave up.  I could easily burn the candle at both ends and not bat an eyelash.  But now, I will put just about anything aside to get enough sleep and my body definitely tells me when I am in need.  But it isn’t just about the quantity of sleep, it is the quality.  We always sleep with a noisemaker (white noise machine, fan or even an app on my phone).  The first time you do this may be strange if you aren’t used to it but believe me it works and it helps to shut everything else out so you can relax.  Often I will also listen to a relaxation audio file – ten to fifteen minutes before settling in to sleep.  The quality of sleep makes all the difference and is so worth it to keep anxiety at bay.

Take Time For You

Every day you should make it a point to do something for you – something that just the thought of it makes you smile.  For me, that is my horses.  They serve multiple purposes – they are so therapeutic just by existing.  I can’t even describe how it warms my heart to just tune out the world and touch my horses.   A simple hug, brushing them, feeding, or even just sitting next to them watching them eat – hits the soul just right!

Happy Thoughts

This one may sound corny but it totally works.  Allow yourself 5 minutes to focus on what is causing anxiety – yes don’t ignore it.  Let it in – but only for five minutes.  After five minutes you simply think happy thoughts.  If you “force” yourself to think happy thoughts you truly do become happy before you even realize you are happy.  We have had the worst year of our lives (my family).  So much loss, sadness, stress, financial struggles and more.  But we allow it five minutes and that’s it.  If I start to slip I remind myself I can focus on it tomorrow but right now – no more for today.

Remove Toxic Relationships/Environments

If your job is stressing you out – find another.  If a friend or family member is creating a toxic situation – you need to evaluate if the relationship is really worth it.  It is difficult but you can remove yourself from that relationship.  If they remove themselves – let them go! You need to be healthy for yourself, family, friends and you deserve it.  Yes, I have had to do this and it is quite freeing.  I think about the people I have let go every now and then but realize their lives haven’t changed and mine has improved dramatically.

Natural Assistance

I am a strong believer in natural wellness for anxiety relief.  With a Ph.d. in Natural Health I have made this a way of life.  I seek natural solutions for our family for just about anything before reaching for allopathic “cures”.  Young Living Essential oils, magnesium, vitamin D and other solutions are constantly in my arsenal.  Find what works for you and your family.  We love our diffusers and rely on oils even for our animals.  If you have animals – please research what you can use on and around your animals.

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