Which Style Of Rug Are You?

Rugs add a backdrop of color and warmth to any home. They’re an essential element in your decor plan and a reflection of your personality and style. Whether you’re into the modern or the traditional look, there’s a rug out there to match the look and feel you want. A rug is a long-term purchase, so it’s important you make a considered decision and buy a rug of high quality.

Here’s a brief overview of the most popular rug types and their merits.

Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are best suited for those who aren’t afraid of lots of color. Modern rugs tend to artistically mix together different shapes, textures and shades. They are bold and call attention to themselves. If you’re looking for a rug to be a focal point in the room, modern rugs are a great choice.

Shaggy Rugs
Shaggy rugs offer a more relaxed and mellow feel. Pleasing to the touch, they invite people to linger and enjoy the texture. They’re great for families, the kids can stretch out and do their homework on a shaggy rug. No matter the temperature or weather outside, shaggy rugs are cool and comfortable and work all year round.

Traditional Rugs
Traditional rugs use elegant classical forms. They are ideal for homes of a traditional style. If you love the Country French style or have a Colonial home, a traditional rug will fit right in. They’re often made from upscale fabrics like wool and will stand up to many years of use. They’ll suit just about any room in your home and work particularly well in a formal dining room. The understated patterns and colors will marry beautifully with a lovely oak dining room table and chairs. They’ll unite the china cabinet with the silk curtains to create a seamless whole.


Scandinavian Rugs
The Nordic countries have a long history of design excellence. If you’re the kind of person who can spend hours in IKEA and appreciates sleek styles, Scandinavian rugs are your best bet. Many Scandinavian rugs are handmade using traditions developed over many years. These rugs typically have at least two colors and have muted patterns, ideal for those who want something restful on the eyes. Bring them into your guest bedroom to invite people over. They’re also perfect in places that may get a lot of wear as they are made from highly durable materials that age well.

Coastal Rugs
Coastal rugs take inspiration from the colors of the shore. If you’re someone who loves long walks on the beach and collecting shells, these rugs are a great choice. They typically use soft or deep blues, baby pinks and white to create the fabulous feel of a home by the beach.

Bohemian Rugs or Persian Rugs
Popular in cultures that prize quality rugs, many Bohemian and Persian rugs begin with fine wool. This is a style for those who want something of quality with plenty of color and lots of pattern. They’re perfect to put on top of natural stone floors, tiles or wood flooring. Bohemian rugs are ideal for people who want a rug with a special personality and traditional roots.

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