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Sleepy But Can’t Sleep?

We’ve all been there.  You work all day, your mind is going in so many different directions…  Dinner comes and you can barely keep your eyes open but you have so much more to do, or the kids aren’t in bed yet.  You are exhausted and sleep deprived.

But then it is finally time when you can head to bed – 3 hours later.  You should be able to pass right out but NOPE!  You are now totally focused on the clock and really need to get to sleep.  The days events start to replay in your mind.  All the things you have yet to do for tomorrow drive you crazy because you know by the time you fall asleep and wake up you will have forgotten most of them – and you don’t want to forget!

What can you do?

  1. Your sleeping space is your sleeping space.  Don’t watch television in bed, don’t read in bed – the only exception is #2…
  2. Once you are in bed – put on some relaxation sounds, music or even meditation audio tracks.  For me I listen to a mediation audio track or even hypnosis then if that doesn’t put me to sleep or keep me asleep, I am very relaxed and put my white noise machine on.
  3. Do not eat too close to bedtime.  Trying to fall asleep or sometimes even get comfortable if you have a full stomach can be problematic.
  4. Have a nice mug of calming tea (definitely no caffeine) about an hour before heading to bed.  Prepare your body to embrace sleep and rest.
  5. Use an essential oil diffuser with calming blends that are sure to get you sleepy and help your sleep come naturally.
  6. Know what is calming for you and spend time each night doing it.  For some people it may be exercise while others it may be reading a good book.  For me, it is spending time with my horses to help put me in the best mental space.

What tips can you think of to prepare for actual sleep?

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