The Skirt and Trouser Equation for Women

Fashion trends repeat themselves. This is a truth that everyone accepts. Time and again trends that were a hit a couple of years or sometimes even decades back make a splendid come back in a new or a modified avatar.  In the melee of continuous evolution and trendy fashion tips for women, the long skirts for women have never gone out of fashion. They were there always and still continue to be.  Ladies trousers are touted to be similar too but they do not go back in time as much as the long skirts for women.

According to some fashion history books, long skirts for women are the second oldest garments known to mankind. The first is the loin cloth. The very first written mention of long skirts for women is from the 18th century. Ladies trousers came a long time after. Often they were worn as a symbol of rebellion in a patriarchal environment. Long skirts on the other side have been around for as long as we can all remember and I am sure they will be around even after a long time from now.

Skirts are feminine, graceful, classy, elegant, casual, chic and smart. They can be worn to work, party, after party, business occasions, casual occasions; basically a skirt is a great garment for every kind of occasion. Skirts can be used to cover up physical anomalies like stunted legs or stout legs. They make for an extremely attractive look for women of all sizes and shapes.

Skirts are the go-to garments for informal and casual occasions for many. The comfort a skirt offers is unparalleled after a long day at work. The freedom of movement and the grace of the movement add to the charm of a skirt making them ever wanted garments for casual occasions.

Trousers score over skirts when it comes to practicality of an outfit. This is especially applicable to women in professions that require climbing, running or jumping. Trousers are also a good option for casual and informal occasions. The variety of trousers accessible to women today makes it possible to show up in a trouser even for a dressy occasion.

Skirts and trousers ideally should both be in the wardrobe of any woman. While they both offer unique levels of comfort, each of them can be put to use to create a specific look. Balancing between both can be only for your advantage.

Accessories are yet another segment of dressing up where common things can be used for long skirts and trousers. Jewelry, bags, hair accessories, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets can be easily used along with the two. The only exception to this common use of accessories is footwear. What goes well with skirts always doesn’t team up with trousers. It is best to choose footwear that is neutral to the extent possible but this is easier said than done. It will do good to have a couple of footwear options to choose from when pairing them with a skirt or a trouser.


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