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4 Simple to Implement Tips for Managing Work-Life Stress

Almost everyone I meet talks about work stress. Some are successful in their careers, while others are not. But, stress doesn’t discriminate, and you would find all types of people facing work-related stress.

For many of us, if not all, there is a long way to go in our careers if we haven’t crossed fifty years of age. And, we aren’t considering retirement so soon. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t think of retiring early as having no work is also a cause of stress, commonly known as hypo-stress!

But, let me not discuss stress further. I know you are waiting to know how you can fight work-life stress and live a better life. So, here are some tips for a better work life!

  1. Organize Your Life

By organizing, some would mean using timetables and others would suggest you reminders. And, I know, you have so many apps available to track your schedules and organize your work better.

But, I am not talking about what Android can do for you. Instead, you must know what you have to do for yourself to organize your life better.

The activity starts with managing your lifestyle at work. You must concentrate on healthy and timely food habits, even at work. And, if you are eating on time, but thinking about work-life problems while eating, you have done enough harm to yourself.

So, use your lunchtime for talking to friends and colleagues who are pleasant in their dealings. And, while eating, think only about food, and nothing else!

  1. Performance as a Function of Quality

All of us at work feel obligated to perform. And, this is not just necessary for a good career, but also for one’s own feeling of accomplishment.

And, when we are not able to bridge the gap between the actual performance and the desirable, we start forcing our mind and body to work more. This lands us up in stress.

Performance is usually a function of quality! And, even if your performance is measured in quantities, it can be achieved through quality work only.

So, if the result, though often measured in numbers, is not coming as desired, something has to be improved about the way the work is done. When the work quality improves, numbers will follow.

Nevertheless, instead of stressing your mind on achieving the results quickly, focus on changing your way of doing the work.

  1. Take a Break

Now, that’s what most of us want to do but we are not able to.

I agree that it is difficult to take a break from work as and when required. But, when you are under tremendous stress, this is the best possible remedy.

Talk it out with your boss and ask for a break of a few days, even 2-3 days would be enough!

So, you have finally managed to take a break from work. But, really; are you not thinking about work in the break days? Well, think again!

While you should be relaxing in the break, your mind keeps dragging you over to the work-life problems. And, it even starts searching for solutions. And, there you are; trapped again in a vicious circle of stress.

So, the first thing is to manage your mind. Practice relaxation, do meditation or yoga as that will help you get rid of the negative thoughts and stress.

Use your break for meeting friends, spending time with family, and, keeping away from work-related thoughts.

This is the time to revive your life and thinking beyond work life. And, never know, a relaxed mind could give you better ideas for your career!

  1. Change the Work Setting

When you have been battling work stress over a persistent period of time, but not able to reduce the stress, it is time for a change.

The change may not be just about quitting the current job. Think on a wider perspective. Many people are improving the quality of their work life by making conscious changes like taking up part-time jobs or freelancing. Or, if your company allows, taking up work from home is also an option to consider.

Some others, tired of the present work profile which is adding to persistent stress, are changing the field of career altogether and selecting the type of work that they enjoy doing.

The choice will ultimately be based on your situation and preference.


Work is an important part of our lives, but not more precious than a quality life.

We must not give up life for work. The real ability is in learning how to curb the work stress and enjoy a better life.

A stressed mind needs a change. And I have suggested some changes which could help you live better.

Do share, if you also have experience of managing work stress!

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Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to meditation and mindfulness.

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