How to Create Targeted Content for Your Ideal Customer or Client

No matter what product you’re selling or service you’re offering, it’s not for everybody. (And that’s OK!) When you’re marketing your business, it’s tempting to think that the more people you market to, the more customers you’ll bring in. However, the truth is a little more counter-intuitive. To make the most of your marketing budget and efforts, you want to identify the type of person who is most likely to invest in your product or service, and then market directly to them. This way, your efforts aren’t wasted on people who aren’t interested, and you get higher conversion rates with your content marketing.

Identifying Your Ideal Customer

Before you can target your ideal customer, you first have to identify them and your target audience. You can determine this on your own and by analyzing the demographics of your sales data. If your product is highly targeted, such as a baby product for parents or a health product for diabetics, you can be fairly clear on where to start.

However, if your product is more generic, such as a health product for the general population, it can help to know the demographics of your customer so you can start creating content that targets more people in that group. For example, if you find out that most people who are buying your vitamin supplements are women in their 40s, you can start reaching them on the platforms they hang out on the most, with content that speaks to them directly.

Finding Your Target Audience

Once you’ve identified your target audience, you need to find out where you can best reach out to them. You want to post content on the social media platforms they use the most, and you can reach out to blogs they read the most to collaborate on content. There’s plenty of data out there that can help you find out where your demographic is spending time online. For example, if you’re targeting consumers under the age of 25, you’ll want to use Snapchat and Instagram. To reach people over 40, use Facebook. If your audience consists of middle-aged women with children, try reaching them on Pinterest.

Converting Your Ideal Customer with Targeted Content

Now that you know who your consumer base is and where to find them, you want to create content that targets them and converts sales. Keep in mind that different audiences like to consume different types of content, so whether you’re targeting them with a video or a blog post does make a difference. Plus, you need to speak to them in a tone they can connect with, whether that means using memes, emojis or something more formal.

Amway is a great example of a large company using content to reach their target audience. While Amway wants to reach people who take their finances seriously and want to gain more sources of income with minimal risk, direct sales companies are sometimes labeled as pyramid schemes. In order to target its ideal audience, Amway explains its business to people who are weary of scams, such as by responding to the question, “Is Amway a pyramid scheme?” (It’s not.)

Getting More Out of Content Marketing by Targeting the Right Market

When you take the time to discover and cater to the ideal consumer for your business, you’re able to get more out of your marketing plan and boost your ROI. As your business grows, it’s important to continue keeping tabs on your audience’s demographic so that you can address them directly. Adjusting your tone, type of content and platforms you use to suit your target market will make your ideal customers feel that your brand connects with them.

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