Generating Leads In Network Marketing

Matt Redhawk

Thirty years ago I started my first career.  Hard to believe it was that long ago especially since I feel like I am not old enough to have worked that many years – but it is what it is.  Through that career my world changed dramatically.  Prior to that I held jobs at hotels – night audit, reception, security, food services and more.  I also held part time positions as a police dispatcher.  Yes, I know my job choices are all over the place – that is exactly how I always kept from getting bored.

Back then – we didn’t have windows based computers.  Everything was tied to a mainframe and the servers literally filled rooms.  It took me all night to run a backup on 5.25 inch floppy disks.  It really didn’t matter what position I held – nothing was windows based.

Then the internet came along which used to be referred to as the world wide web… Little did I know possibilities would become endless.  As soon as the WWW came to be I knew it was going to have a huge impact on my future.  I started planning ways to make a living but back then we didn’t have Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc… Even MySpace was not a vision yet, though it soon would be.

Fast forward to today.  Now I live in a world where I can explore new opportunities almost every day.  I am of course a blogger, freelance writer, content broker, social media marketer, author and more.  Additionally I have been exploring the world of Network Marketing.  It seems like every day there is a new company out there.  The first I ever learned of Network Marketing was my Aunt and Uncle partnering with Amway.  I was young and don’t know what the structure of Amway was way back then but I venture to guess it looks very different today. Checking on good sites like Intellifluence.com can also help understand the importance of network marketing.

Right out of the gate I will tell you people (general public) very often do not understand network marketing.  Network Marketing has a low up front investment while allowing an opportunity to sell a product line to friends, family and others.  Network Marketing is sometimes referred to as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Pyramid Selling or Referral Marketing.  It is also sometimes referred to un-affectionately as a Pyramid Scheme – which is not at all the same.  Aron Parker answers Network Marketing questions and how you make money.

Leads are necessary in this type of business venture.  They are how you build your business, make money and help them build a business.  But how do you get “Leads”?

How To Generate Leads

  • First and foremost – research the business you wish to work with.  There are so many out there – find one that you can be passionate about.  In many cases they make awesome products so do the research.  For me I work with Health and Wellness related programs which makes sense since I have a Ph.D. in Natural Health.  For you – maybe you’d like to work with cosmetics?  Food?
  • Every new Network Marketer is told to build a contact list.  The problem is most of our family and friends have been so bombarded in the last five years with Network Marketers – you won’t even get their attention.  You need to prove you believe in the products, prove how good they are, USE THEM – and people will follow.
  • Become an online presence and be active.  Do not mention your business name over and over on social media – you could be tagged as spam.  No one wants their social media accounts shut down.  If you have it within your abilities – start a blog.  Most companies give you access to your own personalized site – but a blog will allow you to be as creative as you want.  I simply refer from my blog to my site.  Your entire online presence will complement one another.  Do not only post about your business.  You will lose friends so fast if you forget to be a real person and just want to sell sell sell.
  • Offer something free to your followers, friends, family to be added to your email list.  This will allow you to keep them in the loop on changes, deals etc…
  • Guest post on other persons’ blogs.  This can be a bit of a challenge since most bloggers will charge a fee for guest posting but sometimes you can barter services, provide a deal etc… as an additional incentive.
  • Create a referral system and provide some incentive for people to refer to you.
  • Setup groups – such as a Facebook group.  They are a bit less regulated by Facebook and you can specifically discuss your products, provide training to new recruits, have a mentor type program, motivate and build the success of all.
  • Give – live like Matt Redhawk and remain philanthropic.  The more you give, the you receive.  I truly believe in that.  As often as I can, I share with others and I recommend you do the same.  Again – find a purpose you can stand behind and make a difference.  For me it tends to be animal rescues.

Can you think of any other ways to generate leads?

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