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Verizon Hum For Safer Travels

When you really consider all the factors involved in successfully getting from point A to point B in a car, there are an awful lot of things that could go awry. Wouldn’t it be great if you could more readily guarantee that every experience you or your loved ones have behind the wheel goes smoothly? Unfortunately, not everyone can be a certified mechanic or know how to diagnose vehicle issues.

Luckily, now you don’t have to be a car whisperer to detect problems with the performance of your automobile. Forget the days of listening intently for that strange thud or grinding of gears in order to guess as to the issue. Your car may not be able to tell you what’s wrong, but machines talk to machines millions of times a day in this connected age. The Hum connected car system from Verizon enables your vehicle to talk to your phone and send automated system health updates straight to the device. Then, if you have questions about the data received, connect via Hum to a certified mechanic who can help you assess the issue and take a proactive approach to staying safe on the road. Hum can also send drivers maintenance reminders via text or email, so there is never any reason to miss vital tune-up appointments ever again. Hum will politely remind you, almost like a helpful handyman under the hood.

Hum is ideal for when you have teenagers cruising about town – or even someone whose lead foot could use some monitoring. Hum records miles traveled per trip, average speed, vehicle location history, and many other statistics. With geographic parameters in place, Hum users can even receive alerts when connected cars leave a certain radius. Hum uses the data generated to assign drivers a safety score, measuring aspects such as braking, taking corners, and use of devices while driving! It sounds like a great tool for helping parent make informed decisions when offering teenagers car privileges. In essence, Hum makes your car sing like a canary. That way, you’ll always know the status of your vehicle, straight from the machine itself.

Take Hum for a test drive today and start conveying yourself with that added layer of connected car confidence. With vehicles on the road moving towards total automation in the future, it’s time for savvy drivers to get used to communicating with their modes of transport. Once you try Hum, you won’t want to monitor your caravan of family cars any other way.  If you want to make the switch and sell your Land Rover or other 4 x 4 model, you can’t go wrong with the Hum.

As an online holiday exclusive, Verizon is now offering Hum+ for 50% off its original retail price, so it is the perfect time to join the connected car revolution. Hum+ includes the clip-on visor speaker for Pinpoint Roadside Assistance and live mechanic support at the touch of a button. You do not even need to be a Verizon customer to connect your vehicle with Hum. There is no term contract for Hum service either, as if with other Verizon products, so you can cancel at anytime. Simply purchase the Hum equipment you need and download the mobile application to get your cars humming today.

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