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Live Entertainment in Your Home Now Available with Special Guest App

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Hiring live entertainment for personal events can be complicated and very expensive. If you’re looking for entertainment for a birthday party or other special event, then you may not even know where to start. In addition, your pick of talent will likely be fairly limited and you probably won’t score a good deal. Thankfully, Special Guest App can solve all of your in home live entertainment problems. This app can single handedly make hiring live entertainment extremely simple. What’s so great about this app, and how does it even work? Here’s how Special Guest App can change how you hire live entertainment.

Wide Variety Of Options

One of the best features of Special Guest App is the wide variety of options that is offered to consumers. Whether you’re looking for a clown for your son’s birthday party or a musician for your restaurant, Special Guest App will likely have you covered. All sorts of entertainers are registered with Special Guest app including : magicians, bands, singers, dancers, and hypnotists.  In addition, you can sort talent by location, allowing you to hire local talent  in your area. Finally, each talent has a biography section on their profile. This allows you to know a little about who you’re working with before you initiate contact. This information could include their past performances, what their acts and routines are like, or just general fun facts about the talent. Having all of this information available allows you to hire exactly the type of entertainer you’re looking for. Special Guest App offers so many entertainment options you might not even know where to start!

Trusted Customer Reviews

Another great feature about Special Guest App is the reviews that consumers can leave on talent profiles. Can’t decide on which clown to hire for your son’s birthday party? Check out the talent’s review pages to see what past customers have to say about their performances. These reviews are complete with a rating system and may even contain text posts about the best and worst parts of the talent’s performance. In addition, you can show some extra support for talent you’ve been satisfied with in the past by leaving reviews on their talent profile. This shows other users your satisfaction, and increases the likelihood that the talent will receive gigs in the future.

Compare Prices and Rates

One of the hardest things about live entertainment previously was figuring out what was a fair rate and what was a ripoff. Talent pools were relatively limited unless you were involved with the entertainment industry, meaning you had slim pickings when it came to options. All of this factored into high prices for consumers. Thankfully, Special Guest App allows you to view each of the talent’s rates and compare them. This means that you’ll be able to perfectly match your budget with talent that is charging around the same price. Special Guest App has made hiring live entertainment for your home or anywhere else easier than ever!


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