How Labels Can Save You Money

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It is a very common challenge: how can you organize your house so that everyone can find what they need when they need it. You may have seen a number of different strategies on the internet or heard about fail-proof organization plans from your friends. When it comes to getting organized, like many things, simple is often best.

You can use easy-stick labels to mark which household member owns which item in your home. Then, each person will know exactly which items are theirs without even asking.

Such labels are a clean and easy way to mark the things in your home. You can even use these labels on boxes and drawers so that your kids will know which drawer or box is for their toys or other possessions.

How can using labels actually save money?

Adding name labels will give your children a sense of responsibility for their items. Ideally, if you put the name on the drawers or boxes, they will learn to put away their items so that they will know where they are the next time.

If the children know where their items are, you could save yourself from having to replace toys or school supplies that got lost. The same labels could also work for special foods or beverages that are reserved for a certain child. If everyone knows that the food belongs to someone else, they will not eat it, and you will not have to replace it prematurely.

Also, if the kids take their belongings out of the home, to school or a park, they will know exactly which items are theirs because of the name label. They will be less likely to lose their items (and you will save money because you will not have to replace these items).

The labels will help you teach organization skills too

A positive side effect of the label strategy is that you will help your children or other people living in your home keep their things more organized. They will not have to ask: “ is this my toy?” or “where is my toothbrush?” So in addition to saving money, you will be saving yourself time (and headaches).

When you want to organize your home, it’s best to keep it simple. Easy-stick labels like the ones you can customize with Stick 2 me are the best way to mark each family member’s important or often-used items so that you can find them easily, and you can avoid having to purchase them unnecessarily.

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