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Starting A Coach Business With Gladiator

So you want to be a coach?  The term coach actually means – A private tutor; one who instructs or trains – per Merriam-Webster.  What  kind of coach do you want to be?  If you are looking to be a baseball coach this post is probably not for you.  But if you are looking to become a Business Coach, Life Coach, Educational Coach, Health Coach, Personal Fitness Coach – you are in the right place.  

Decide what you want to do and learn as much as you can about that area.  Keep in mind the skills you may already have and how your goals can build upon them.  You will most likely need some additional training or guidance and there are plenty of avenues for this type of training.  One such place to get some training is through Udemy.

Figure out who your market is.  Options include:

  • Individuals – these are people looking to better themselves and seeking some guidance. They want support to help reach their goals.  They could probably figure things out on their own but it will take more time, they will make mistakes and they would prefer to reach their goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • Sponsors – they pay for someone else’s coaching.  
  • Organizations – I work in education and we use educational coaches quite a bit.  Sometimes new hires may need a little more focus and we just don’t have the staff to provide it.  

Next you will need to figure out the format of the coaching you’d like to provide:  

  • One on One
  • Small Group
  • Large Group
  • Teams
  • Workshops/Seminars/Retreats
  • Monthly Memberships
  • And more…

It may seem like a “no brainer” but do you want to coach in person?  You really don’t need to in this day and age – you can have a worldwide presence easily with texting, chat groups, online gatherings like Discord, Skype, FB Messenger, Zoom and more.  This flexibility actually even serves to decrease your costs to start up and be financially viable. You could simply start with a really nice, reliable internet connection and laptop.  

As new technologies become available you should constantly be on the lookout for how can it improve my business, make me more accessible and allow me to help more people.  

Setup your social presence and you will definitely want a website.  I highly recommend paying for someone to setup your website, provide you training and personalize it to meet your needs.  There are many free and affordable options out there but this will be your brand – make it everything you want it to be and do not skimp.  A poorly designed website could easily ruin any future plans you have. Think of it as an office receptionist. If you walk into an office and the receptionist is dressed sloppily, filing her nails with her shoes off and feet on the desk – would you want to do business there?  Um, NO!

Focus on the big stuff and outsource the small stuff to a virtual assistant.  If you get all bogged down in the small stuff you will never get to the big stuff.  You just won’t – there is only so much time in the day and there will be too many more important things to focus on.  

Yes, many of these things will cost you money and in some cases not a huge amount but enough that you may need help.  Create a solid business plan – if you don’t know how, check out some of the gigs on Fiverr. They have many ways to get virtual assistant help and that help can be far more helpful than just someone having typing skills.  Once you have that business plan, Gladiator Lending can help! You will then be on your way to a successful career of your choice helping others!


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