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What to Consider When Choosing a Moving Company for Your Family

As the head of the family, you may find moving extraordinarily time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, professionals like Movers NYC can make the entire experience smoother and less tedious. While a seamless move takes some planning and preparation, you also need to pay attention to every aspect of hiring a great moving company and it is important to separate moving myths from reality.

To make a trustworthy decision regarding Affordable Removals, here’s what you should consider when choosing a moving company such as Shang Rong for your family.

  1. Excellent track record

Having an excellent track record for several years can prove how experienced the company is and how well they can take care of all your belongings. Before making a hiring decision, find time to determine their valuable years of experience like handling relocations into high rise apartment buildings and many more. That way, you’ll know whether the moving company can be trusted or not.

  1. Moving fees

Like other businesses, moving fees differ from one another. That said, it’s important to figure out what rate you should be receiving for their services. However, you need to be careful about some movers who provide estimates over the phone. Typically, qualified moving companies NYC should visit your home before estimating a price as there may be factors that will lead to additional charges.

Moreover, check with the company about the services included in their moving quotes such as the boxes and other packing materials. If you gather several estimates, review the breakdown of the fees and make sure you don’t miss out hidden costs that may come along the way during the relocation.

  1. Insurance and license 

You should be cautious when it comes to moving your valuable possessions. That in mind, it’s a good idea to check the movers’ licensing requirements. If the company offers full moving services, they should have an active Department of Transportation number which you can get from DOT’s license database.

In addition to having a license, it’s time to safeguard your belongings throughout the process. Check the mover’s liability coverage to know whether you need more insurance options to ensure full protection for your stuff. Don’t forget to ask if your moving company’s insurance policy covers items which are damaged or lost during the transit. If it means to be an extra cost on your end, be sure your items remain safe and intact. If you need to buy additional insurance, sit down with your real estate broker to discuss a variety of options.

  1. Reputation

For the benefit of your family, make sure the moving company has a good reputation when it comes to local and international moves. Although working with reputable movers can be costly than you expect, you should understand that choosing them in return for that price is worthy of your time, money, and effort. To notice the reputation of the company, it’s wise to ask for references to their old clients. After all, a reliable moving company is willing to provide names on file of customers whom you can speak regarding their experience. If you have friends and relatives who had previously worked with movers, then you can inquire about how reputable their business is.

  1. Online reviews

Seeing the reviews about the performance of the company can be a great way to get to know your prospective mover. However, be ready for both good and bad testimonials, and it’ll be up to you to consider before choosing one for your move.


With careful planning and preparation, you’ll be on your way toward choosing the perfect moving company for you and your family. When making a quick research and background work, use the factors mentioned in this article to find a good company that will give you a safe and smooth move from start to finish.

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