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5 Tips to Avoid The Flu This Winter Season

This post is made possible by the American Lung Association, in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own

This has been a very difficult winter season for everyone.  Between the flu, the stomach bug, and coronavirus it seems like someone is always down and out with something.  It is for these reasons that you should seek assistance from coronavirus cleaning Michigan.  Personally all the women in our house got the dreaded stomach bug and it was horrid.  My daughter and mother in law struggled with it for 5 days.   For some reason it hung on much longer with me – a good ten days.

And now the flu is hitting our area hard and the last thing we want is our family to get hit.  We have four generations in our house.  It just wouldn’t be good for all of us to get so sick.  What can we do to increase our chances of not getting the flu?

How you protect your family is a personal decision.  Some companies like royal wolf provide flu vaccinations to help protect their employees.

Here are a few tips to choose from to help protect you from the flu this year:

Washing Hands

This is absolutely critical.  Of course in the winter, washing your hands a lot will also make them dry so it will be a constant balance between washing and hand lotion.

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes you may not have access to soap and water and in that case you can use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.  Basically clean your hands as often as possible however you can.

Avoid Those Who Are Sick

This seems like a no brainer – until someone in your home is sick.  If your spouse is sick, do what you can to help but try to keep your distance when possible.  Perhaps sleep in a different room if possible.  Avoid shaking hands with anyone you believe may be sick and of course if you are sick – take care to stop it from spreading.


Keep your home and space as clean as possible.  Avoid any community buffets, candy dishes etc. throughout the winter months.  When it comes to washing dishes – if you don’t have a dishwasher, buy a nice thick pair of rubber gloves and wash with soap and hot water.

Flu Shot

The most important thing you can do to avoid getting the flu – is get your flu shot annually and it is not too late to get it this year.  This vaccination is still your best defense against the flu and can help protect you from a serious illness, hospitalization and complications.  Last year I didn’t get the flu vaccine – I ended up with the flu which turned to pneumonia.  Never again do I want to go through an illness that severe and for that long.  As I mentioned – we have four generations in our house with three of us being over 50.  The flu shot is critical not just for ourselves but also for the youngest and the oldest.  If you don’t know where to get your flu vaccine – check out the Vaccine Finder at the American Lung Association’s

If you have any personal health concerns, please remember to discuss them with your health care provider.