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Top 10 Natural Remedies Everyone Should Have At Home

I have worked so hard over the years to make sure I can meet my family’s health needs as much as possible without running to the doctor.

This is for a whole host of reasons such as:

  • Sick people are at the doctors.  If I can stay away we can all be more healthy and not get additional illnesses.
  • Health insurance costs are skyrocketing and even though we have insurance – it just makes sense to be more aware of when we really don’t need to go.
  • None of us ever have time to go to the doctors unless it is absolutely essential.  Between work, horses, kids, activities, blogging and more… Our time is much better spent on other things unless it is absolutely necessary.

Believe it or not so many of the common ailments really can be dealt with at home.  Most often people go to the doctor seeking antibiotics.  Physicians are becoming so much more reluctant to prescribe them; we learn more and more every day of harmful side effects from antibiotics; they have decreased effectiveness now and most often – they are ineffective because patients actually have a virus.

My Top 10

  • At the very top of the list is my colloidal silver.  I literally think of this as liquid gold and keep some at the barn, home, work and in my purse!  Colloidal Silver can be used topically and orally.  This particular brand provides a large bottle, a spray bottle and a dropper bottle – all of which are essential.  Got an earache?  Put some drops in your ears… Sore throat?  Gargle and swallow… Sinus infection?  Spray into your nostrils…  Colloidal Silver helps with viral, bacterial and fungal infections.  You can learn more with this publication – Colloidal Silver – The Natural Antibiotic.

  • Magnesium has been proven to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.  Many of us are quite deficient in magnesium.  See how much your health automatically improves by simply adding magnesium to your daily routine.  We use Triple Calm because it includes the best forms of chelated magnesium – taurate, glycinate and malate.  Every time I get a leg cramp – Triple Calm comes to the rescue!  Check out The Magnesium Miracle to learn more.

  • Hemp/CBD – This is relatively new to my list.  It was only a little while ago when this became legalized in all fifty states and I seriously hope it stays that way.  There are so many options available though so where do you turn to?  You can buy it as an oil, tincture, softgel, vaping, chewables and more.  I have a tincture at home, softgels and 24 hour time released patches.  The most flexible option is the Entune patch and at the time of this printing (March 2019) it isn’t available to the general public just yet but should be by April 2019.  Email me at TheStuffofSuccess at gmail dot com for purchasing information.  This supplement specializes in reducing anxiety, reducing depression, powerful anti-inflammatory, helps with insomnia and so much more.  I use it for pain relief from my all over arthritis and my daughter (teen) uses it to keep her anxiety at bay.  Simply apply a new patch every 24 hours and good to go.  The patch can be used on persons as young as 2 years old!  If you are not interested in the patch (since it isn’t fully available yet) I highly recommend these hemp softgels.  They are easy to carry around; very effective and strong enough for anyone.  Learn more with CBD Oil for Total Wellness.

  • Calms Forte – this is a homeopathic remedy to relieve stress, nervousness, anxiousness and irritability.  We have been using this for decades.  Those nights when you just can’t shut your brain off at bedtime… Calms Forte to the rescue.  It is safe for anyone of every age.  There are no side effects and will never interact with any other meds or supplements you take.

  • Digize essential oil – This is specifically a Young Living Essential oil but it is available on Amazon, you do not need a subscription to anything.  There are other companies out there but this is the one I have found to work the best.  Not only does this work well with people but we use it for our horses.  This is a topical application (external use only) – simply add to a base oil and roll on to your wrist, abdomen etc…It is very calming and helps with indigestion, bloating, gas and heartburn as well as fights off intestinal parasites.  To learn more check out this Introductory Guide to Essential Oils.

  • Arnica for pain relief.  This is another homeopathic remedy.  These are high on my list of essentials because the rules of homeopathy are do no harm.  With persons in our house from infant to elderly it is important that much of what we have can be used for anyone of any age.  To learn more check out this Complete Homeopathy Handbook.

  • Rescue Remedy – This is another one that I have in my car, at work etc… It is also homeopathic and available in drops, pastilles, liquid melts, pearls etc.. We tend to have the pastilles because it is easy for me to get the kids to take those.  They don’t always recognize when they are reacting to stress.  If I were to say to them come over here and take some drops – it wouldn’t happen.  They are already under stress.  But if I call them over and suggest a pastille – then there is no issue at all.

  • We always have pesky bug bites to get relief from.  Spending time at the barn with the horses, camping etc… inevitably mean a whole host of reasons to need itch relief.  This need is met with an all natural itch relief stick.  This works for bug bites, bee stings and even poison ivy.  We even take it on our bike trips through all the trails.

  • For daily support we use Elderberry chews to boost our immune systems naturally as much as possible BEFORE we have a need for the support.  Some brands don’t taste so great but this Sambucas Mega Gummies taste great and get the job done.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar has so many very valuable uses and you need to make sure you have a good apple cider vinegar for best results.  Do you want to lose weight?  Stomach issues? It helps with both as well as lowers cholesterol and improves cardiovascular health; regulates blood sugar levels; aids digestions; soothes sunburns; fights fungus and yeast infections; regulates blood pressure and minimizes muscle cramps.  Learn more about Apple Cider Benefits.

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