Sundance and Hydratrack Bottles – Amazing New Options

I love water bottles!  Yup totally got a thing for them.  It’s kind of like my love for notebooks – can never have too many!  Once I get them, they all have a different purpose in my life.

Today I am bringing you some really awesome bottles – the Sundance and the Hydratrack.

The Sundance is up first – it is available in 19 oz, 30 oz and 38 oz sizes and is available in three colors – lilac, indigo and charcoal.  Mine is a 38 oz indigo bottle.   It reminds me of a deep cobalt blue color.  This bottle is a nice widemouth bottle with a drinking spout and clip to attach to a carabiner (for example).

That feature makes this bottle perfect for when my daughter goes on trail rides and she can take the bottle with her by easily clipping it to her saddle.

It is made of a durable, break-resistant Tritan – another reason it is ideal for her horseback riding adventures.  The flip cap is different than any flip cap I have seen before and it locks closed preventing leaks and it locks open so it isn’t flapping all over the place.

Additionally, it is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The next bottle is the Hydratrack!  These bottles are designed to help you track your water consumption.  They are available as stainless steel bottles, tumblers and plastic bottles and in assorted sizes.

The elastic bands can be worn as bracelets or can be rolled up onto the bottle as you drink your water throughout the day.  This is so critical for me since I never ever drink enough during the day.  I always plan to but then I get sidetracked over and over and it never happens – making this particular bottle perfect for me.  The elastics are like a silicone elastic hair band.

They also act as a nonslip grip and since I am always on the go, at the barn, at work, I really need that.  Otherwise a stainless steel bottle can be slippery.  Stainless steel keeps my water cold for long periods of time and it fits easily into my car holder even at 22 ounces.

The opening is a good size – not wide mouth but plenty wide enough to clean easily.  The feature I find most fascinating about this bottle is the cap.  When I remove the cap there are no treads on the outside of the bottle – so how does the cap stay on?

It is a very unique cap and leakproof.  The screw treads are on the inside of the stainless steel bottle and that fits around this center section of the cap – then screws together.  It is very effective.

Check out all of Zak’s Drinkware options – there are so many great bottles, tumblers and mugs to choose from.

Which are your favorites?

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